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The percentage of deaths with no correctable factor increased from <5% in the 1991-1993 triennium to about 50% in the 2006-2008 triennium.
Re-verification of employment eligibility not timely-Not Correctable
The incisional approach is highly variable, chosen based upon the underlying pathology, the degree of rotation, and whether or not the torsion is correctable.
Our new results suggest that the effects of mild iron deficiency--which are easily correctable with supplements--can disrupt the solid foundation that is established by healthy mother/infant interactions.
Yellow/Marginal--Does not clearly meet some specified minimum performance or capability requirements necessary for acceptable contract performance, but any proposal inadequacies are correctable
At the time her vision was correctable to 20/40, and she graduated in December 1994.
While he pointed out that the costs of managing the world's correctable illnesses are partly reflected in our squandered finances on "military operations in Iraq," more must be made of that point because of its seminal role and enormous influence on the world and here at home.
Your GP will perform a series of tests to rule out correctable causes and may arrange for you father to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours to check for any underlying heart irregularities.
Remember there are no negatives, only mistakes, which are correctable.
Malakoplakia: Evidence for monocyte lysosomal abnormality correctable by cholinergic agonist in vitro and in vivo.
Defects that arise in any software must be correctable with limited effort.