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The number of deaths in which no correctable factor could be identified increased from 4% for the 1991-1993 triennium to 49% for the 2006-2008 triennium.
The good news is many tree health issues are correctable without removal.
Date of Rehire more than 3 years after original hire date--Not Correctable
It is not a lack of effort, so we have to focus on the correctable mistakes and changing them.
These errors are correctable in a second edition and do not spoil a fine effort.
The candidate must have good vision: 20/200 or better uncorrected--or correctable to 20/20.
The condition is correctable with the proper tooling.
If the eyecup is uncomfortable or doesn't fit right, the reasons are noted in the operator's manual and are correctable.
Here Quante interprets Hegel as drawing the conclusion, currently debated in contemporary action theory, that the interpretation of an action held by the agent while it is being completed is not correctable, but that the motivation of an action is correctable both by the agent and by others after it has been expressed through action.
What about the instances--which, I would argue, are pervasive--in which there are a series of niggling problems that eventually aggregate into Big Ones--problems that are manageable and correctable because they are small, yet not addressed because they are diminutive, not the stuff of Grand Programs?