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Critical to this moderate interpretation of the correctable disabilities cases is a broad reading of the majority's apparently calculated restriction on the reach of its own holding to exclude disabling corrections.
About one percent of patients have complications involving the flap created during LASIK, but that problem is correctable.
Outside of a minor, medically correctable heart defect, the somatic clone appeared to have no other problems during her first month of life, during which time she developed normally.
Most of these maladies are easily correctable with stretching.
Yes, some courts have ruled correctable disabilities aren't covered by the law.
Granted, some of the harm done has been a consequence of ignorance and is thus correctable by advances in knowledge, but much of the damage takes place when people in authority use their positions to further their own interests at the expense of those in their charge.
A 1984 study found that while a majority of the 323 police agencies surveyed required some minimum uncorrected standard, 26 percent of the responding departments required only that vision be correctable to 20/20.
In my three years as Assistant Secretary, I have come to believe our confidence in local governments has not been misplaced, as the abuses found have been relatively rare and usually correctable without adverse effects on the intended beneficiaries of the CDBG program.
Some are correctable and the operator can correct the problem with a keyboard entry.
It should be noted that the flat or cup-shaped audiogram results in more usable or correctable hearing than that of most neurological deafness with similar pure-tone averages.
Engineers controlling the mission from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., were relieved to discover that the problem resulted from a correctable software mistake rather than a malfunction in the camera itself or an incoming solar proton disrupting Galileo's computer memory.
Further study of the variances will indicate the need for price changes on any nonregulated areas.[6] Internal control of the organization demands that every variance be examined and that a question be answered: Is the deviation correctable or not?