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Reference 3 was corrected to "Leonardo MR, Tanomaru Filho M, Silva LA, Nelson Filho P, Bonifacio KC, Ito IY.
This is an interesting possibility since she bound herself to implicit corrective feedback and did not correct specifically for por/para, ser/estar in the FMF group, but rather corrected for form over all.
An employer eligibility failure generally can be corrected by the cessation of all contributions.
The biggest problem with using temperature corrected blood gas values is the lack of knowledge about what is "normal" at temperatures other than 37[degrees]C.
Random fractions give rise to a constant and non-zero corrected intensity for [omega] values above a certain angle which is determined by the sharpness of texture in the textured fraction and in this case is about 15[degrees].
The application of the IRS's current position that disqualification continues until the violation is corrected should be limited to violations of Code provisions that explicitly mandate disqualification until correction is made.
Any operational violation (whether or not considered insignificant) corrected by the plan sponsor by the end of the plan year following the plan year in which it occurred is a nondisqualifying event.
Care must be exercised when comparing data values when form factors are applied to verify that the same effect is being corrected.
The estimated corrected temperature would have been within 10 mK for fields up to 5 T and 35 mK higher at 8 T.
Insignificant and isolated" problems could be corrected under the administrative policy regarding sanctions (APRS).
A disease produced by a mutant gene will not necessarily be corrected by adding a copy of a normal gene into a patient's cells; investigators cannot yet ensure that the inserted gene will turn on and off when it should.