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This project provides for replac ement of our current Public Safety software, including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Correctio ns, Mobile Radios, and Records Management for Dubuque Police, Dubuque Fire Emergency Communication s, and Dubuque County.
In this essay, I use correctio strictly for "not x, but y" constructions, whereas I use dirimens copulatio for "not only x, but y" constructions and for those instances of "not x, but y" constructions which operate in a logically identical way.
Both dirimens copulatio and correctio (and also praeteritio, but for more complicated reasons) can be seen as examples of metalinguistic negation, defined by Laurence Horn as "a device for objecting to a previous utterance on any grounds whatever, including the conventional or conversational implicata it potentially induces, its morphology, its style or register, or its phonetic realization" (363).
Now that we have got the rhetorical and the linguistic terms straight, we can say that all uses of dirimens copulatio (not only x, but y) and some uses of correctio (not x, but y) employ metalinguistic negation.
In Bernard's action can be recognized, indeed, the different stages of a very traditional ecclesiastical procedure, which would come to be known under Innocent III as the denuntiatio evangelica, but to which contemporaries of the Council refer as the correptio or correctio fraterna.
Starting with the Sonnets, Hammond argues that Shakespeare "seems addicted to multiple definitions which by their sheer proliferation over-delineate, perpetually redescribing the young man, the poet, and their relationship" (63), through the use of correctio or epanorthosis, and paradiastole (redescription).
By breathing life into the administrative remedy procedure, correctio nal administrators can experience greater opportunities to control and manage their own institutions, promote constructive communication between inmates and staff, and reduce the onerous burdens of inmate litigation, all in keeping with the purposes of PLRA.
a larger event audience while providing viewers g Stone Network designed to remind visitors of hrough the ChannelSEEK website, but also works vent graphic, description, time-corrected startEK helps Webcasters like Rolling Stone Network, isting service features automatic time correctio information about streaming media.
BF 2:485: "Confirmatio vero; et informatio, seu ipsius amotio fiat per Generalem Ministrum Ordinis Fratris Minorum, si aderit in Provincia, et in eius absentia per Provincialem illius Provinciae, in qua praetactum Monasterium fuerit constitutum, ad quos ordinis spectat hujus ordinis, regimem, cura, et visitatio, correctio, nec non reformatio tam per seipsos, quam per visitatores.
He is a member of the Ohio Correctional and Court Services Association and the Correctio Managers Association.
Sakai's experience and knowledge of all aspects of adult correctio awareness of the needs of ethnic minorities will enable him to make significant contributions to the