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Accusations of assimilationism and hetero-mimesis constitute another red herring, a dangerously diversionary tactic of political correctitude that masks the real issue(s).
This is correctitude gone to festering length, as is the weird case of 47-year-old Stuart Fisher, a Tyneside flasher sent to an all-male therapy group.
Mr Stuart Robinson, director of Savills Private finance, the mortgage offshoot of the up-market estate agent, has decided this is a piece of political correctitude worth resisting.
This week came the result of political correctitude when, in the face of nine Asian men getting a total of 77 years in prison for offences stretching from raping to sexual grooming 47 white girls, our so-called Establishment still refused to accept this was race-based.
The inverse geometric model is experimentally verified and so its correctitude is validated.
In the last half a dozen years, however, we have seen the rise of political correctitude.
Sir, - Again New Labour forces new political correctitude to new depths.

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