corrective device

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Your dentist can adjust your bite with a corrective device.
In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered the advancement of the calendar by ten days and introduced a new corrective device to curb further error.
In addition, flow corrective devices and physical and computational modeling services are available to optimize flue gas distribution and mixing in both power plant and industrial applications.
He was also accused of advising MS, who was obese and diabetic, that she needed to buy corrective devices (orthotics) at a cost of pounds 160, ordering them even though she had asked him to wait until she had been to a hospital appointment, failing to tell her that the inserts were free on the NHS, and using a tone and manner that was "pressuring and intimidating".
It is therefore unlikely that consultants within the region will now be recommending corrective devices for plagiocephaly.
Orthotics and similar corrective devices can help by placing feet in a more neutral position and by deflecting weight-bearing stress away from vulnerable areas.
Fluctuations in power input inevitably affect ultrasonic welding systems, although suppliers have devised corrective devices, to minimize that.
Metal bands serve as anchors for other corrective devices, such as brackets and springs.
Feedback and corrective devices that can aid in successfully delivering the desired message include formal and informal evaluation processes, "real time" opportunities (such as question-and-answer periods and written comments received during the drafting of the document) and the sending and receiving of intended and unintended body language or other nonverbal communicative signals.

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