corrective measure

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According to the Control Act, as soon as a corrective measure has been taken, the FTC should make improvements or take other action and then reply to the Control Yuan in writing.
CORRECTIVE MEASURE: The newborn baby after surgery in Taif.
But, later on, we will have a one-on-one session with each outlet's representatives where we will explain the violations found in their establishment and recommend the corrective measures they can take," Yousif said.
Approximately 5.25 hours of chat transcripts were reviewed, per group, and very few corrective measures surfaced.
" We really do not need any awareness programme about drugs in Punjab as we are aware about its devastating effects," he said adding, " What we need is thorough corrective measures to stop the production and supply of drugs that is made easy".
Dublin-based McMahon also picked up a one-day careless riding ban for allowing his mount to drift right, but he argued yesterday that his corrective measures in the closing stages had prevented a bad accident.
EH&E has identified a six-step process for an effective laboratory accident investigation program that will help to identify root causes, prescribe appropriate corrective measures, and implement performance metrics to insure a safer workplace.
The legislative body must also analyze the possible causes of the problems that would have meant a risk or harm to the health or integrity of the minor beneficiaries of the feeding programs and propose the pertinent corrective measures.
The aviation watchdog found that the duo had failed to exercise due caution and take corrective measures resulting in a runway excursion.
'Kailangan natin if at all at most, kung mag-submit tayo ng report, i-cite lahat na corrective measures, remedial measures ng gobyerno, 'di lang corrective, pati rin preventive measures.
The thesis focusing on using systems to evaluate the performance of the commercial companies, analyse their financial situation and reduce the financial loss rate through corrective measures.
PESHAWAR -- Senior trade leader and Secretary information Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Nawaz Peshawar Arshad Javed Gurdwara has expressed grave concern over the unprecedented price hike in the country asking the government to take corrective measures without further delay.