corrective measure

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But, later on, we will have a one-on-one session with each outlet's representatives where we will explain the violations found in their establishment and recommend the corrective measures they can take," Yousif said.
Dublin-based McMahon also picked up a one-day careless riding ban for allowing his mount to drift right, but he argued yesterday that his corrective measures in the closing stages had prevented a bad accident.
25 hours of chat transcripts were reviewed, per group, and very few corrective measures surfaced.
We really do not need any awareness programme about drugs in Punjab as we are aware about its devastating effects," he said adding, " What we need is thorough corrective measures to stop the production and supply of drugs that is made easy".
As MLIT has approved the final vehicle inspection process on condition of the above-mentioned corrective measures, all plants except Kyoto Auto Works are scheduled to resume production and shipment for the domestic market on Nov.
Mohamed Jalal Al Rayssi, director of communication and community service at ADFCA, said a number of corrective measures, including violations charges and warnings, preceded the decision to close down the supermarket.
According to the Commission, the new reporting system will provide a clearer overview of the situation in the EU and a better basis to analyse and plan specific corrective measures at EU level.
The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has categorically stated that the regulator will continue to take corrective measures to eliminate market manipulation.
If it is new, meaning still under warranty, you can pretty much disregard what follows and return the gun to Legacy for corrective measures at low or no cost.
However, industry experts have said that the current recall indicates that such corrective measures are not adequate and the recall will affect the company's revenues.
A standard touch screen allows personnel to change palletizing programs in fewer than 5 seconds, utilize onboard warning systems, review error occurrences and take corrective measures, monitor I/O in real time, track inventory by specific programs, compare running and powered-up hours and monitor the machine in real time.
The Industry leaders said that the industrialists would not be able to pay their dues if corrective measures were not taken immediately.