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One (1) $1,000,000 cash annuity prize will be awarded if a participant correctly picks all 63 games correctly.
magazine, found that only 15% of the child car seats assessed were fitted correctly and were appropriate to the children being carried in them.
This question got the most correct responses, as 68% of respondents correctly selected "Certificate of Deposit.
Consumers, who answered nearly 50% of the questions correctly, were also more satisfied and engaged with their primary banks than those who did not.
DRIVERS can have their child's car seat checked to ensure it is fitted correctly at a series of safety sessions.
Only about one in every five surveyed medical students could correctly identify five true and two false indications of when to wash their hands in the clinical setting, according to a study published in the American Journal of Infection Control.
6 per cent of all the questions asked answered correctly.
Most respondents answered just one of the three numeric questions correctly.
20 (ANI): Over 75 percent of citizens have not been able to correctly identify the three countries that make up Great Britain, according to a new survey.
Nealy half of women (44%) and a third of men (34%) surveyed couldn't correctly identify symbols for frequently used functions or basic warning lights.
The Book of Sailing Knots: How to Tie and Correctly Use Over 50 Essential Knots" is a complete and comprehensive guide to sailing knots and, as the title says, how to correctly use them.
The coalition's biennial survey, funded by the Merrill Lynch Foundation, found that high school seniors correctly answered 48.