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The eight co-champions spelled the final 47 words correctly in their historic victory, going through five consecutive perfect rounds.
Picking 48 straight games correctly actually is quite the accomplishment.
The bettor correctly guessed the winning combination 14-23-18-27-07-40, which carried a jackpot of P18,836,826 million.
In a Facebook post, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) said the lucky bettor correctly guessed the winning combination - 14-23-18-27-07-40 - for the Thursday night draw.
class="MsoNormalHe won this amount after correctly predicting the outcome of 13 football matches class="MsoNormalHe placed the lucky bet on January 22 and had to wait for 24 hours before all the 13 matches had been contested.
Earlier, we learned that any Jew can slaughter an animal, except for those who are presumed to be physically incapable of doing it correctly, such as deaf-mutes or minors.
If you travel with Grand Mother and Grand Father, have you ensured that both are wearing correctly their safety belts?
To win the jackpot, a fan must correctly predict 17 football matches.
Nine seats were fitted correctly and needed no adjustment, while another nine would have worked in a crash but not to their optimum ability.
A 'psychic' cat in China that correctly predicted the outcome of six World Cup games has met an untimely end, prompting thousands to pour out their grief on Chinese social media.
The sea creature made headlines at the 2010 tournament in South Africa when he correctly predicted that Spain would win the final.
Understanding the principals of integrated pest management and how to correctly use the tools available are the first steps to safely and effectively managing pests in pastures, hay fields and pecans.