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Political correctness is the most serious disease that faces us in this country and I suggest the leaders of the Labour Party stop squabbling over who is going lead them and this government and put the country first.
Its automated evaluation tool examines student writing in context, not simply grammatical correctness, spelling or other surface elements, and provides scoring that aligns with many state rubrics.
THE 2006 WINNER OF AN AWARDS PROgram aimed at exposing outrageous instances of political correctness in higher ed that the national press may have ignored is none other than an institution that's gotten plenty of press.
One, by Phillip Rutledge (Sad that tolerance should stand above God's word), speaks of political correctness coming above the word of God; the other, by Shirley Geigen-Miller (On the radar screen), speaks of Jesus' impatience with those who would put the letter of the law above love for human beings.
Some critics label the campaigns a reaction to the political correctness that makes it no longer permissible to use stereotypes of women.
A conservative Government would undertake a wholesale review of the National Curriculum in England to root out "political correctness", leader Michael Howard said yesterday.
Each of these names has a history, a fractured regard by others, and a present-day political correctness. Political correctness is not always respected and sometimes even deliberately assaulted, so it seems worthwhile to look at the integrity of these identifications.
In doing so, we express no opinion on the correctness of the instruction and remind all interested parties that this authorization forecloses neither requesting additional or alternative instructions nor contesting the legal correctness of this instruction.
THE panto producer accused of racism for writing Snow White & The Seven Asylum Seekers last year is set to start rehearsals for a new show which blasts political correctness.
THESE DAYS, TALKING about political correctness in academia makes you sound like a quaint throwback to the 1990s.
Of course, some silks select particular female juniors on this basis, but others do so to show their political correctness or to have the benefit of female company, sometimes notoriously so.
And underlying these propositions is the authors' absolute certitude about the correctness of their solutions and the unreliability of what are darkly called the "accommodationists in the foreign-policy establishment."