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The JORC Inferred Resource estimate of 38Mt is considered to be conservative, and solely based on the continuous and correlatable Bulwer Coal Seam.
In deep-sea sediments, however, correlatable deposits can be found preserved, being the best witnesses of environmental conditions on the continents.
Remnants of the second oldest coastal terrace (the alluvial "Big Ridge" unit and surface), correlatable with the Montgomery in SW Louisiana and east Texas occur east and west of the Pascagoula River.
In a second piece Biller proposes that the different degrees of concern with the sin of attempting to avoid offspring shown by manuals of confession produced at different times and places may be correlatable with real variation of sexual practice corresponding to temporal and local variation in density of population.
The sands appear to be correlatable with those observed in Llano No.
This cycle is correlatable either with the Jogeva Beds or with the Jogeva and Imavere beds of the Nurmekund Formation, which both consist of wavy-bedded to nodular micritic dolostones (Nestor et al.
Although not directly correlatable, in terms of terrane affiliations, the Anyox deposits are similar in many respects to the Windy Craggy deposit that occurs within the Alexander Terrane of the Insular Belt (Peter and Scott 1999), in northern British Columbia.