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* modulus change for polychloroprene in hot steering fluid does not correlate with the durometer values;
For personal lines, capturing more granular data across a set of policyholders reveals patterns of risk that correlate to more precise risk segments and enables a greater understanding of loss predictors.
The company claims Correlate K-Map for Regulatory Compliance facilitates the organization and completion of regulatory or compliance documents.
* Laboratory tests to measure immune function are neither validated nor proven to correlate with improved and prolonged survival, thus making reliance on such tests as surrogate markers impossible;
In addition, dimension factors were found to correlate rather highly, questioning whether distinct dimensions can actually be measured in ACs.
Overall satisfaction did not correlate at a statistically significant level with the other categories of help or follow- through.
These social pathologies correlate to illegitimacy at every income level, but they are particularly intense for people living in poverty.
Age and years of formal education have also been shown to correlate positively with entrepreneurial firm performance (Birley & Norburn, 1987; Hisrich & Brush, 1984; Hoad & Rosko, 1964).
Said Jack Arthur, vice president merchandising: "We want to find nice correlate cloths that work with colors out there.
These lines, in turn, correlate with key fabrication variables--such as blow-up ratio, frost-line height, die gap, and output rate--and ultimately influence film properties, according to Thomas Butler, the senior development associate who authored the paper.
Only a few attempts have been made to correlate psychological factors with immune function in MS: our studies at Albert Einstein found that psychological distress was associated with immune changes in MS, but another more sensitive study we did produced results that were less clear.
Questionnaires were numbered in order to facilitate the mailing of second requests and to enable the author to correlate CEO responses with those of the senior tax person from the same company.