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Headquartered in San Francisco and New York, with key offices in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, its marquee product Correlate, was considered one of the best apps by Mac World and was honored at SXSW's New Media Accelerator program.
Determining the mixing characteristics in a Brabender laboratory mixer correlates with factory mixing but is difficult to use as a control test in a production plant.
IB5k will be presenting a new version of Correlate in front of influential industry judges and a live audience during the SXSW Accelerator at the Austin Hilton on March 12th and 13th.
Once again, hardiness was not found to correlate with ethnicity/race variables suggesting all levels of hardiness are found equally among all such backgrounds.
That may happen because the brain correlates image changes with the action of certain sets of muscles, allowing it to interpret the effect of eye movements correctly.
The researchers also are exploring how cultural distance in terms of specific factors -- such as religion and language -- correlate with an expanded set of outcomes -- such as political conflict, civil war, and the intensity of trade between countries.
1 version which is three years old) or had out-of-date signature sets (MARS was unable to recognize and correlate a SourceFire signature that had been released on 09 August 2006).
Not only is this version 10 times more scalable -- it has the power to analyze and correlate over 22,900 unique real-time data streams in less than a minute on a single CPU machine -- it has the ability to monitor any business metric in an IT environment, regardless of the source, providing customers with the most customizable, robust BSM solution available.