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In the area of information processing, the PMT appeared to be less correlated with overall level of acculturation, and clinically, therefore, may be a better indicator of cognitive information processing abilities, as acculturation level decreases, than the PPVT.
The business analytics are derived from network performance statistics gathered and pre-processed by the mesh routers using Tropos' patented Correlated Mesh Data Protocol.
Moreover, this research also found that while hardiness correlated with high school rank in class, it did not correlate with national entrance examination scores, the SAT and ACT.
He then correlated data for the pollutants with measurements of three agents in the volunteers' blood that can signal heart problems: platelets and fibrinogen, both of which promote blood clotting, and white blood cells, which can signal that plaque inside arteries may soon rupture and block vessels.
In her research, prosocial and social responsibility goal pursuit were moderately to highly correlated with each other and with several other variables such as students' effort (Wentzel, 1994, 1996).
Investigators correlated the results with meat quality attributes.
After he noted a possible link to urban growth models, Makse started to investigate how he might apply correlated percolation to the shapes of cities.
Supports enhanced Uu correlated analysis with import of Agilent's E6474A NITRO drive test data; and
A correlation analysis investigated the relative strength of possible predictors of knowledge gain, and 16 variables correlated significantly (with a p value of less than .
He also correlated the type of daily "visibility" data compiled by airports with every-sixth-day particulate data for Detroit, producing a computed estimate of Detroit's daily particulate levels.
The results demonstrated that T-cell vaccination was well tolerated and, importantly, induced T-cell regulatory immune responses which collectively correlated with substantial clinical improvement in treated patients.
Additionally, the pursuit of power goals was negatively correlated with GPA.