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Since prior field experience was not correlated with treatment selection accuracy, more training on this important topic is needed.
Real-time correlated data with timestamps let us step-through an incident to gain even deeper knowledge of the sources and targets of, say, a root kit attack.
Chapters cover the BCS theory of nodal superconductors, highly correlated particle systems and the composite operator method, diagonalization- and numerical renormalization-group-based methods for interacting quantum systems, and unconventional superconductivity.
Synovial proliferation and bone erosion were positively correlated; bone marrow edema and soft tissue changes were negatively correlated.
In fact, any set of moderately correlated findings, such as the number of toys and books that individual children have, yields data that can be transformed into a general factor having nothing to do with any "general ability," Schonemann holds.
The highest level of coherence between brain cortical sites--found in the alpha frequency bands of EEG readings from the posterior occipital lobe--was significantly positively correlated with a larger total size in the corpus callosum, said Dr.
0); the number of sources was correlated with this score (r=0.
Several studies confirmed that if an anti-HIV drug was able to increase CD4 T cell counts, this increase correlated with longer life.
If a portfolio is overweighted with tech stocks, for example, then diversification theory would suggest that combining assets which are less than perfectly correlated will enhance risk-adjusted returns.
For instance, Scharloo selected on the length of the fourth wing vein in a Drosophila melanogaster mutant stock having a gap in that wing vein (cubitus interruptus - Dominant); correlated responses in the length of the fifth wing vein were inconsistent among three replicate selection lines.
First of all it was found that Mooney and DSR "A" were highly correlated ([r.
First, the company had to run many hours of trials to gather empirical information that correlated bubble temperature to process set-points.