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The book updates and expands the correlates through descriptions of practices that enable educators to build and sustain a school culture that accommodates the learning expectations and needs of all students.
This work describes seven correlates that are indicators of schools where children of any socioeconomic status and ethnicity successfully learn: high expectations, strong instructional leadership, focused mission, opportunity to learn, frequent monitoring of student progress, a safe and orderly environment, and positive home-school relations.
We agree that, in general, CT evidence of CRS correlates poorly with symptom scores, and we have elaborated on this in some detail in a large recent study (Bhattacharyya N.
Hardiness did not correlate with either national test but, as Table III demonstrates, did correlate with rank in class at the .
tularensis population structure on a continentwide scale and the ecologic correlates and associations of specific groups.
These social pathologies correlate to illegitimacy at every income level, but they are particularly intense for people living in poverty.
This testing along with some occasional testing of "good" versus "bad" samples led to the conclusion that at the same viscosity (measured by Mooney or the DSR "A" factor) the higher alpha value seemed to correlate with better processing.
Currently the software correlates to the textbook series "Quest 2000," "Addison-Wesley Math," and "Addison-Wesley MathQuest.
Includes fully integrated call trace that automatically correlates control and user plane messages plus support for HSUPA transport channel switching and mobility scenarios;
Investigations of specific achievement correlates of social goal pursuit were revealed during the 1990's (e.
IT CORRELATES WITH STANDARDS" At this year's NECC, there was far less software buzz about what students could make or do.
That may happen because the brain correlates image changes with the action of certain sets of muscles, allowing it to interpret the effect of eye movements correctly.