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Chester notes, we chose these because they correlate with objective evidence of CRS better than other variables.
Moreover, this research also found that while hardiness correlated with high school rank in class, it did not correlate with national entrance examination scores, the SAT and ACT.
The ecologic correlates identified here provide a framework for developing testable hypotheses regarding niche separation between the A.
Therefore attempts to correlate Mooney stress relaxation testing with other processability tests were pursued.
Correlates trend analysis with the ability to graph multiple different measurements types together on the same display;
The present author correlates social goals with academic outcomes, but does so with a college population.
The trick is to correlate what the robot sees (the input map) with what it does (the target map).
Fearon is continuing to explore a surprising finding from an earlier study that civil war correlates not with stark ethnic diversity within a country, but rather with conditions of poverty.
Not only is this version 10 times more scalable -- it has the power to analyze and correlate over 22,900 unique real-time data streams in less than a minute on a single CPU machine -- it has the ability to monitor any business metric in an IT environment, regardless of the source, providing customers with the most customizable, robust BSM solution available.
Storage intelligence - SERP's correlation engine leverages data from existing SRM software and correlates it to the data of record from asset management systems which give an enterprise the ability to have in-depth and accurate reporting on storage for different business units across datacenters worldwide.
5 its new-generation solution that correlates sales activities with outcomes to easily institutionalize best practices and ensure compliance with business policies.
WebLOAD Analyzer J2EE Edition automatically collects, correlates and analyzes all user activity, application functionality and system performance data to enable development engineers to quickly resolve Web application problems.