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In every threat scenario the products were subjected to (Denial-of-Service, E-mail-borne worm, zero-day attack), QRadar successfully and swiftly detected the event - often correlating multiple incidents to develop a clear picture of what actually was occurring, while Cisco Security MARS was able to detect only some of the isolated incidents, and when it did, MARS failed to piece them together to show the big picture.
By correlating sales activities with outcomes and leveraging existing technology investments, Kubi Enable drives improved sales efficiencies, effectiveness, and profitability.
As a leading provider of real-time analysis software, Netuitive's technology represents a catalyst for driving BSM initiatives by automatically correlating end-user experience data with any infrastructure performance data.
is the only research consultancy in the world that specializes in customer loyalty, providing brand equity metrics that accurately predicts future in-market consumer behavior, thus, correlating highly with sales and profitability.
This new enhancement helps organizations more efficiently manage security risk by correlating vulnerability data with attacks, to meet regulatory compliance requirements, and keep business and up and running.