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Randomized complete block design (RCBD), Correlation, Path coefficient, Morphological traits
Agreement and correlation are widely used concepts in the medical literature.
The main aim of the research was to explore the correlation between organizational climate and job satisfaction of teachers in Punjab Pakistan.
economic correlation, China, North America, stock markets, lead and lag analysis, international cooperation
In 2012, NIST proposed a new method of firearm identification, called the Congruent Matching Cells (CMC) method, which is based on 3D topography measurements on correlation cells with the ultimate goal of providing objective and high-accuracy ballistics identifications and evidence searches [3].
The signals thrown off by the intrastock correlation suggest that these macro worries began fading in mid-2012 when correlations began falling and micro issues re-emerged.
Study method was correlation and Pierson test was used in this study.
Correlation coefficient is a member of the general linear model that also contains multiple regression, t-test and analysis of variance.
Such as the analysis of the metric is also not comprehensive enough, understanding the correlation between current network flow metrics is not fully and do not meet the demands of filtering redundancy metric.
In addition to the presence of a relationship, the correlation coefficient reveals two important aspects of the relationship: the magnitude of the relationship (how strong a relationship) and the direction of the relationship (positive or negative) (Lang & Secic, 2006; Williams & Monge, 2001).
A Pearson correlation coefficient was calculated for the relationship between attempted calls and congested calls made in Yola.