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The high estimates genotypic and phenotypic correlation coefficients in Isabgol were observed for the various characters are broadly agreement with reports of Harphool et al.
In the form rP for the phenotypic correlation coefficient of x and y; rg for the genetic correlation coefficient; re for the environmental correlation coefficient; Hxy for the correlative heritability of trait x and y; H 2 for the heritability.The relative efficiency of indirect selection (CRy/Ry) (Zhao et al., 2005) is calculated by the following formula:
Then we calculated their 0~2nd-order (interval 0.2-order) derivative by using Grunwald-Letnikov fractional differential formula (Equation 3) and computed the correlation coefficient between the [EC.sub.1:5] and the data of each mathematical transform and each order differential.
Composite scores for HAM-D-U at baseline and after a 2-week interval were also highly correlated with each other (Spearman correlation coefficient 0.83, p-value < 0.01) indicating good test-retest reliability.
For initial model without pesticide the correlation coefficient between a* and (h) was positive with 0.6947 value, while the correlation coefficient for model with Malathion was negative with -0.7676 value.
The maximum possible value for the correlation coefficient is +1.00, which indicates perfect proportionality with only an offset for the average national swing.
The correlation coefficient for the entire range of data (0.99) is statistically significant (p=.000<0.001, HS).
The data was entered into an Excel[R] spreadsheet and analyzed using a correlation coefficient data analysis tool pack included in the software.
Let ([x.sub.i], [y.sub.i]), i = 1, 2, ..., n, be a fuzzy sample set; then, the correlation coefficient between x and y is defined as
They are also called factor coefficients or factor loadings and are equal to the value of the correlation coefficient between the latent and manifest variable.