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Based on Equations (1) and (20), the six-country population mortality indexes forecasted from the estimated parameters in Table 1 and the correlation matrix ~ in (21), the U.
3 are employed by different team members to demonstrate assessment results for the correlation matrix (refer to Fig.
Following the experience of PCA on the general correlation matrix, we performed latent root and vector extraction on the three scale-dependent correlation matrices.
This difference leads not only to large eigenvalues but also to an overrating of the derivatives in the correlation matrix.
The eigenvectors of the correlation matrix (Table 3) are multiplied by the "B" coefficient calculated using MVLR (Tables 5 and 6) to obtain the costs as functions of the original variables.
Bartlett's test of sphericity tests the null hypothesis that the correlation matrix is an identity matrix.
In correlation matrix, correlation between almost all the variables was high, i.
Its convergence speed depends on the eigenvalue spread of the input signal correlation matrix.
Now Part-Part Correlation matrix, PPCM is formed from matrix SSPLM by using similarity coefficient [31].
S = Significant NS = Non Significant Table 4: Correlation matrix among the studied parameter inside tea gardens.
The correlation matrix of heat resistance and yarn parameters Heat Count Thickness Twists resistance Heat resistance 1,00 0,79 0,86 -0,63 Count 1,00 0,99 -0,96 Thickness 1,00 -0,92 Twists 1,00 Thick places Nepps Mass variation Friction coefficient Thick places Nepps Mass Friction variation coefficient Heat resistance -0,05 0,12 -0,48 -0,13 Count -0,61 -0,47 -0,89 0,48 Thickness -0,50 -0,35 -0,83 0,35 Twists 0,74 0,62 0,93 -0,64 Thick places 1,00 0,98 0,76 -0,98 Nepps 1,00 0,68 -0,99 Mass variation 1,00 -0,68 Friction 1,00 coefficient Tab.

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