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The correlational design allows EA professionals to examine the relationship between EAP intervention and workplace effects (such as absenteeism, presenteeism, etc).
Methods used in the 20 non-experimental research designs include 19 descriptive, correlational designs, and one descriptive comparative design.
From a correlational perspective, children who have been hit are more likely to be aggressive or to commit anti-social behavior, to have poor relationships with their parents and to be physically abused.
Wahler and Fox (1981) have suggested the use of correlational analysis where significant correlations are looked for between the frequency of challenging behavior and the occurrence of possible setting events, for example, the frequency of incidents per month and the frequency of epileptic seizures per month.
It will be published four times a year for professionals involved in the use of experimental and correlational methods and qualitative analysis.
They developed quality indicators for single subject, groups comparison, correlational, and qualitative research to help educators ascertain whether practices meet high research standards.
The second chapter introduces the reader to a brief overview of several of the research methodologies used in studies of media and youth, with an emphasis on experimental and correlational approaches.
Correlational research suggests that student engagement in the arts is associated with enhanced student achievement.
I was surprised to see in Science News, conclusions about causation made on the basis of correlational research ("Keep on Going: Busy seniors live longer, more proof that it pays to stay active" SN: 7/15/06, p.
In addition to this correlational research, a number of studies have explored the relationship of spirituality, religion, and career development qualitatively.
Ware and Galassi's piece reviews the use of correlational approaches in school counseling research, and Bauman's article discusses comparison group studies.
Nevertheless, Beiner sees that a lot of correlational studies can add up to something useful.

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