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Another finding stemming from the correlational analysis is that the extent to which the organization is effective in the recruitment and selection of talented employees will affect talent retention as well.
There are very few examples of correlational analysis being used in the literature.
In order to test whether buildup and wash off of diazinon in the Chollas Creek watershed could account for the temporal pattern of diazinon observed in total seven storm events, correlational analysis between the number of antecedent dry days and median diazinon level of all sites for each storm events was performed (Table 1).
In addressing the first research question regarding the relationship between county-based nurse to population ratio and population density, a two-tailed Pearson's correlational analysis was conducted.
Of the reviewed studies that used the GOS as the primary outcome measure, only two reported results of correlational analysis between GCS scores and GOS in attempting to predict outcome in head-injured patients.
A correlational analysis was also carried out between demographic variables, sport participation responses, and scores on the SPPC and YSR.
Juanita presented the results of the correlational analysis to the Superstar team teachers.
The CPR and QSR databases also allow for comparative and correlational analysis.
The primary analysis of the data in this study was conducted using a multiple regression correlational analysis (MRC).