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Correlational analysis indicates a strong correlation between these two items, r (64) = .
A closer examination reveals confirmation of the correlational analysis with the exception of organizational learning.
However Pearson correlational analysis did not revealed significant relationship in general self-efficacy beliefs and burnout-exhaustion r =-0.
However, the correlational analysis did not substantiate that a high FMA score would directly lead to fewer medical injuries.
Correlational analysis was conducted between aggregate ToM scores, humor scores (self and other), and self-perception variables cross-sectionally at T1 and T2, as well as longitudinally between T1 and T2 scores.
Motivational Interviewing, a newer, more commonly used therapy style will be explored and an correlational analysis of Motivational Interviewing and Humanistic Psychology.
Correlational analysis by school and by age did not show that these factors could explain such discrepancy.
Using Wilks' criterion, the canonical correlational analysis for the girls yielded the first statistically significant canonical variable, F(18, 642)= 4.
Regarding the trend in usage over time, the levels were not significant, but the correlational analysis showed a negative correlation between the total user counts and unique user counts for both genders (male: r = -.
Correlational analysis was conducted between all dimensions of structural empowerment (support, resources, information, opportunity, informal power, and formal power) and burnout (see Table 3).
In order to investigate the relationship between information systems and organizational culture a correlational analysis was done using Pearson r.
Results: The correlational analysis indicates little or no relationship between self-reported QoL, BMI and moderate to vigorous PA.