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Given the correlativity conception of political legitimacy, Greene's rejection of political obligation means that the state is illegitimate, at least in the sense that it has no right to demand obedience from those subject to its control.
Its value, however, lies principally in its correlativity, which contributes to the functioning of property (and with it ownership) as a coordination device.
The correlativity principle is the most salient and important fact about rights.
Domain ontology can support complex computing on correlativity and index reasoning.
15) NJR, however, construes correlativity to mean that "X has a claim right to Y's Aing if, and only if, Y has a duty to X to do A," thus reinterpreting Hohfeld's notion of correlativity in terms of necessary and sufficient conditions.
Apart from its explanatory power, or lack thereof, for the principled exception, the biggest problem that I have with the voluntary-assumption-of-risk analysis is that it very rarely respects the correlativity between the various parties.
39) Thus, included within being is not only each and every individual in its fullness but also the universality ingredient in the correlativity of capacities and kinds that are there in, among, and as individuals.
This is the correlativity requirement, which lies at the
It is essentially a private, localized solution based on correlativity between the injurer and the injured, although it is influenced by the general problem of societal inequalities.
32) Aristotle's distinction between form and matter seems to be embodied in the correlativity of the vitalized intelligibility of the Dunamic-Rational and the subdividable Habitat since these individuals are subdivisions of an omnipresent reality.
The Instrumentalism of Copyright's Correlativity 2.
26) My claim is that there is a similar lack of correlativity between a duty and a right in the case under discussion.