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The correlators for the KAT telescope are currently in two special containers nearby.
After receiving the 1-bit data, the correlator unit computes the cross correlation coefficients with the 1-bit data.
10, with two mmW front-ends, I/Q demodulators, sampling and correlators shown.
The paper is organized as follows: Section 2 briefly comments on the proposed view-invariant color face image recognition model and the quaternion based color face image correlator.
NAOJ and the Fujitsu Group worked together to develop the ACA Correlator, a purpose-built supercomputer responsible for processing data from the Atacama Compact Array (ACA)(2), which can make high sensitivity observations.
When the double-elements hologram is displayed on the joint transform correlator input plane and illuminated by a plane wave, a desired image is constructed on part of the correlator output plane, and this image is examined against the stored reference image.
The design of the correlator unit in BHU-2D is presented in this paper.
Se es correlator en tanto los dispositivos pertenecientes a la funcionalidad hegemonica (estatus, poder, influencia, distincion), no son los que se privilegian en el encuentro.
At the receiving terminal, a particular user data is recovered by the correlation operation between composite received signal and a replica of the desired user's address code that is carried out by an optical correlator receiver to achieve decoding.
For smaller pipelines and distribution networks, leak noise correlators are the most effective techniques for finding leaks.
To combine thousands of separate signals, the SKA correlator will require enormously greater processing power.
And for collecting light scattering data for particle sizing, turn to page 12 to learn about the BI-9010AT correlator card as well as other data acquisition equipment and LIMS.