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The correlators for the KAT telescope are currently in two special containers nearby.
The paper is organized as follows: Section 2 briefly comments on the proposed view-invariant color face image recognition model and the quaternion based color face image correlator.
NAOJ and the Fujitsu Group worked together to develop the ACA Correlator, a purpose-built supercomputer responsible for processing data from the Atacama Compact Array (ACA)(2), which can make high sensitivity observations.
An optical correlator has been developed based on a phase-only filter, which disregards the magnitude and only uses the phase information.
The correlator currently allows measurement of the gas velocity to an accuracy of 10 km/s.
Founded upon battle-hardened, open-source resources (Emerging Threats signatures, Cyber-TA's BotHunter dialog-based correlator, Sourcefire's Snort VRT, etc.
The greater functionality includes access to the extended range linear correlator, giving a dynamic range in excess of 1.
Knize, a physicist at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and his colleagues describe fabricating an optical correlator, a device that uses a vapor of cesium atoms to compare images.
The heart of the solution is in the Automatic Intelligent Correlator (AIC[TM]), which effectively emulates the thought processes of a senior optimisation engineer.
Zeus is derived from proven Raytheon Solipsys products such as its Tactical Display Framework and Multi-Source Correlator Tracker, which have been battle tested and are in use by all branches of the U.
2 release extends the capabilities of the previously announced Apama Parallel Correlator, and introduces significant new developer productivity features that accelerate the deployment of event processing applications.
Combined with Solipsys' Multi-Source Correlator Tracker, the Meridian geospatial imagery server and TDF-powered workstations, the TDF Portal provides unprecedented access and availability to key mission information in support of time-sensitive decision-making and is readily adaptable to a variety of host systems.