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CORRESPONDENCE. The letters written by one to another, and the answers thereto, make what is called the correspondence of the parties.
     2. In general, the correspondence of the parties contains the best evidence of the facts to which it relates. See Letter, contracts; Proposal.
     3. When an offer to contract is made by letter, it must be accepted unconditionally for if the precise terms are changed, even in the slightest degree, there is no contract. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 904. See, as to the power of revoking an offer made by letter, 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 933.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Since the largest error a code can correct corresponds to the radius of the spheres, and the efficiency of a code is closely related to the density of the sphere packing, Delsarte's method immediately became a powerful tool for studying sphere packings.
3, the green area in the center corresponds to the welded region, and the red area around it corresponds to the non-welded region.
It may be seen that the branch points [y.sub.1], [y.sub.3], and [y.sub.4] correspond to the arrivals of various head wave rays, while the branch point [y.sub.2] seems to correspond to the arrival of the S ray propagating along the top surface of the layer.
Consequently, if a step in an iterated mapping happened to correspond to a generalized shift that incorporates a Turing machine saddled with an "impossible" problem, researchers would have practically no way of determining what ultimately results from those particular initial conditions.
The number of influential amino acids determines the ruggedness of an "antibody space" with topological details that he says correspond surprisingly well with known features of immune-response maturation.
* longitudinal direction corresponds to the sense of the warp threads;
In this article, we report a rare ENG artifact that corresponded with the patient's pulse.
The dexels are recorded in a 2D array that corresponds to the grid mesh on the XOY plane.
The first lineage corresponds to the New World group, including rhadinoviruses of spider and squirrel monkeys.
The melting temperature of a polymer reflects the melting of crystals formed during primary and secondary crystallization, This frequently gives rise to multiple endotherms in a DSC heating scan, where the upper peak corresponds to melting of primary crystals and the lower peak corresponds to melting of crystals formed during secondary crystallization (e.g., annealing).
The bonus payments corresponded in amount and timing to the required note payments.