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They are required to get themselves enrolled in correspondence course and complete 100 per cent assignments of each subject or get enrolled in IBDLP and pass at least one of two online tests in order to become eligible to appear in the examination.
This work was used as the basis for many of the historical lectures that appeared in the correspondence course for pastors of the Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of the USSR as well as chapters 1-7 in the history, ISTORIYA EVANGEL'SKIKH KHRISTIAN-BAPTISTOV VSSR, which the All-union Council of Evangelical Christians-Baptists published in 1989.
Using means as simple as videocassettes or as sophisticated as two-way audio and video teleconferencing systems, distance learning has become the correspondence course of the 21st century.
Yet the basic limitations of the postal form of correspondence course remain in effect: students study in splendid isolation, maintaining a tenuous touch with their grader/instructor by means of e-mail or telephone.
Ironically, after the Bradbury was completed and Wyman's reputation as an architect assured, he decided to--of all things--take a correspondence course in architecture.
CCCA) is offering retailers a cosmetics correspondence course that helps them train new cosmeticians and improve the knowledge and skills of experienced ones.
It offers unique correspondence course with SKYPE facility for IPM aspirants
After serving in WWII, he took a correspondence course in writing and later returned to the Lake District, working as a regional organizer and as the first warden of the Lake District National Park.
Mr Halford has over 10 years specialist experience and commenced his law degree by correspondence course towards the end of his 23-year service in the army.
The free Islamic Correspondence Course, which is run from Bordesley in Birmingham, covers the basic teachings of the Muslim faith, but is aimed at people of all faiths, backgrounds and ages.
She gained the qualification with distinction through a correspondence course with Leicester University.
The year-long correspondence course covered a range of different management skills, demanding thorough research and report writing.

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