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In the early years, this meant correspondence courses delivered by the Postal Service.
Whitfield retired, Fred developed a correspondence course in Natural Science, including herbal medicine, which he ran until his death in 2007.
Program: Study of the basic principles of hospitality and service skills through a correspondence course, with two days of practical training to qualify.
Marines then had a choice: They could continue to complete the correspondence courses on their own, or they could attend the seminars.
Air Force: Air University offers JPME via a correspondence course that has an Air Force emphasis and is CD and Internet driven.
July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Capstar, LLC, announced today that The Land Title Institute (LTI), the educational arm of the title insurance industry, has awarded the company a two-year contract to administer the delivery and testing for LTI's online correspondence courses.
A year ago the tennis ace was demoted to a correspondence course after she failed to show up for any of her lectures.
The court held that the alleged denial of the prisoner's request to take a correspondence course for paralegal training did not violate any of the prisoner's constitutional rights.
1840: Sir Isaac Pitman began his first correspondence course for shorthand.
The Tokyo-based Nihon University said personal information has been leaked on about 1,800 people who applied for its graduate correspondence course via its Web site.
Does it conjure up pictures of students following a correspondence course through the post, or lonely students watching educational television programmes or listening to the radio at strange times of day?
Developed in association with the National Trainers' Federation, the scheme is providing a correspondence course in marketing and communications, using an eight-part series of fact sheets.

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