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In the tables below, all such correspondencies are registered as nonzero correspondencies, including translation pairs involving lexicalized verbs and special varieties of igjen (see Note 9), for example, recognize : erkenn- .
In comparison, the zero correspondencies for again with respect to German are 9.
And 43 (= 74%) of 58 Norwegian zero translations are also zero translations in English; but these represent less than half (44%) of the total number (98) of English zero correspondencies.
Wieder/zero correspondencies involving English seem to be found predominantly in prototypical restitutive contexts where the presupposition triggered by the adverb is satisfied completely in the local context immediately to the left of the modified clause or VP; cf.
This structural difference between English and Norwegian may be partly responsible for the fact that zero correspondencies for dabei are found with considerably lower frequency in translations from Norwegian than in translations from English (50% vs.
If they are excluded from the data, zero ratios involving igjen will go up somewhat since the registered number of zero correspondencies will represent a higher percentage of the total number of igjen tokens.
Interestingly, free ing-adjuncts represent only 10%, of the zero correspondencies in English target texts; cf.
Six more names were subsequently added apparently to the ~nomina vera' but without any correspondencies.