corresponding part

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The little Florida boy was born with anencephaly, a severe neural tube defect which means that most, if not all of the cerebral cortex and the corresponding part of his skull are missing.
com)-- Modio is excited to announce the release of a Pixie character and corresponding part set to the Modio app for iPad.
4 per cent on the corresponding part of 2013, said the property expert.
When the low-frequency part a and the high-frequency part d1, d2, d3 are respectively reconstructed by single branch algorithm, the corresponding part A, D1, D2, and D3 will be obtained;
In the Japanese myth referred to, the original procreating pair observe of their own bodies that, while on one of their bodies the flesh in a certain part protrudes, in the corresponding part of the other the flesh is split in half.
The organs of a human being are only a corresponding part of the body and are only for managing of the logistic process of discharges and receiving's.
Hence the a-value, of the part with cork or rubber is higher than the corresponding part of the wood bat.
The part of the parasite cell associated with this response has a corresponding part in human cells.
Steven O'Brien pointed to each corresponding part of his body as he rattled off the list of his injuries - "shoulders, tailbone, both ankles.
When Savage had both hands, part of his right brain responded to his left hand, and a corresponding part of his left brain responded to his right hand.
The two environments are able to perform an automated check to verify that the 3D model and 2D drawings are fully synchronized with corresponding part numbers and revisions, and that the 2D drawings have a true up-to-date status.

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