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The estimated characteristic sizes of the neutron wave functions in two lowest quantum states correspond to their expectations with an accuracy of [approximately equal to]25 %.
The product is the increase in the applicable credit amount that corresponds to the increase in the applicable exclusion amount.
In agreement with experimental values, the new moel predicts that somewhere between two and 15 mutations occur before the antibody response matures, or evolves, to produce antibodies with an affinity that corresponds to an intermediate peak on the affinity landscape.
1), this corresponds to an approximate (4) 31[degrees]C temperature rise of the microheating element from ambient (room) temperature.
the President, Divisional Managers and Senior Vice Presidents in charge of Group functions reporting directly to the President) can be allocated stock options at a value that corresponds to a maximum of 65 per cent of the respective Group management officials' fixed salaries.
3, the green area in the center corresponds to the welded region, and the red area around it corresponds to the non-welded region.
Assuming that all warrants are exercised for subscription of new shares, the company's share capital will increase by SEK 700,000, which corresponds to a dilution of approximately 0.
5m) intersected by hole 1288-03-07 and the second one located at 60m to the north of the first one, could correspond to the tuffite at the top of the Watson Lake Rhyolite.
In case all warrants attached to the two debentures above are exercised, the dilution, taken into account all previously issued and outstanding warrants, corresponds to approximately 8.
The dilution effect calculated following full exercise of all options corresponds to approximately 4.
This corresponds to a net increase in the first six months of the year of 53 people, or 20 %.