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Ethier said Auburn is 85 percent in the Blackstone watershed and 15 percent in the French River watershed -- the French River is the main tributary to the Quinebaug River -- so it is fitting that the town joined the Blackstone corridor.
Incidental air movement from pressurized rooms within health care facilities, provided that the corridor is not the primary source of supply or return to the room.
The corridor will, in fact, be an elevated stretch running along the railway line," a senior PWD official said.
The STB found that the railroad's planned activities on the entire [100-foot right of way] are for rail transportation and accordingly the city's local zoning laws are federally preempted, as the entire 100-foot corridor is for railroad use.
The Route 1 corridor has a low vacancy rate due to a high demand from national and regional retailers," stated Chuck Lanyard, principal and director of brokerage services of The Goldstein Group.
For Michigan, McNichol says a new interstate would improve traffic flows and commercial routes between Michigan and Ohio auto parts suppliers while also opening up a new tourism corridor, creating opportunities for northern Michigan and Canadian firms.
Rather than some deadly hermetic, double-loaded corridor plan, MIT seems to understand the intent of Holl's section to allow for multiple meeting and study spaces--some with media stations, others with kitchenettes.
The corridor eliminates the need for a dedicated hard wall (rated) corridor outside the laboratory thus increasing the usable space on the floor.
In an unusual test of a conservation strategy called wildlife corridors, strips of habitat boosted insect movement, plant pollination, and seed dispersal among patches of the same ecosystem.
Also available on the site is a parallel database of more than 5,300 high technology companies located along the Corridor.
Another hazard of household layouts that is minimally addressed by current life-safety codes is the loss of traditional, hierarchical progressions from room to corridor to exit.
To assess corridor utility, we quantified among- and within-corridor variability in community structure, landscape indices, and habitat descriptors.