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William Baldwin, a self-confessed political junkie and the current president of Creative Coalition, credits his celebrity for opening doors to the corridors of power on Capitol Hill.
Byline: 20 SUNDAY MERCURY SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2016 Corridors of Power OUR POLITICAL mail jon.
Byline: KEVIN MAGUIRE Stalking the corridors of power
STUDENTS walked through the corridors of power last week when they visited a Merseyside MP in Westminster.
THE Gazette is now being delivered to the corridors of power.
When people are not happy with Westminster or the cronies from the corridors of power why do we have to have them running os ur city?
AN MP swapped the corridors of power for the classroom on a visit to his former school.
MQM claimed to be having ownership rights of Karachi, he said adding the prevailing situation therein had proved only corridors of power were dear to this party.
Kate Bennett, the commission's national director for Wales, said: "The findings highlight a wider failure to ensure the corridors of power in our institutions reflect the breadth of society and include people from under-represented groups, such as disabled people and ethnic minority people.
HOLYROOD VIEW Get the latest comment from the corridors of power
Confidential understands the pounds 18million deal would have been completed about three weeks ago had someone from the TV station not overheard Keane's name being mooted in the corridors of power and run the piece without checking it out.
Could it be that Dixon, whose rise to power sparked fears of mayhem in the corridors of power, will turn out to be the man who delivers peace in our time?