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The move from the human community to a biotic community, then, requires that we recognize a complex system of mutually interdependent parts that includes "soils, water, plants, and animals," and that we be able to give an account of how we can frame generally reliable, albeit fallible and corrigible, judgments about the needs and interests of the non-human parts of such a system.
Thus, Sosa (2007) claims experimental techniques cannot explain why subjects disagree, nor can they assure that the folk get the stories right; Kauppinen (2007) and Jackman (2009) suggests that philosophy should analyze the robust intuitions of the philosophers rather than the surface intuitions of the folk; Williamson (2004) and Sosa (2006, 2008) argue that once we abandon philosophers' hopelessly demanding operational standard for evidence, we will see that we can trust intuition, just like we trust perception or introspection as a corrigible evidence.
more a number of conceptual corrigible hypotheses than a set of
Following Wittgenstein, he says we should ask not 'what is art?,' but 'how is the concept of "art" used?' Weitz (1956: 31) notes also that sub-concepts of art like 'novel,' 'painting,' 'tragedy', 'comedy' and 'opera' are likewise open, suggesting that 'A concept is open when its conditions of application are amenable or corrigible, i.e., if a situation or case can be imagined or secured which would call for some sort of decision on our part to cover this, or to close the concept or invent a new one to deal with the new case and its property'.
101), the moral terms "good" and "bad" express a speaker's sentiments, where sentiments are understood as "dispositions to experience different emotions on different occasions." Hence, "To judge that something is good (or bad) is to believe that on reflection it would be recognized as an example of something towards which one harbors a [...] moral sentiment." The careful reflection rider aims to eliminate knee-jerk reactions, which are clearly corrigible. The idea is that judgments of good and bad are best detected in Bishop Butler's cool hour.
There is a tendency in all men (only corrigible by good training from without and persistent moral effort from within) to resent the existence of what is stronger, subtler or better than themselves.
More importantly, by nature, the sciences are cumulative and corrigible, their character changing over the course of their development (Kantor, 1953).
They will leave behind a host of coruscating and corrigible memories and deeds, a club in rude health financially and a team that is evolving in a different way to previous Premier League versions.
To be rational is to be engaged in collaborative, corrigible, historically informed inquiry and deliberation.
(3) 'that our cognitive access to reality is always through conceptions that are conceptions of what it is to be this or that sort of thing, these conceptions being a posteriori and at every point corrigible by experience, yet present in advance of the recognition of any particular object as a this such.'
John Stuart Mill had something like this in mind in his remarkable essay "On Liberty" He said--I provide the full quotation to introduce the nugget at the end--that "it is owing to a quality of the human mind, the source of everything respectable in man either as an intellectual or as a moral being, namely, that his errors are corrigible. He is capable of rectifying his mistakes, by discussion and experience.
are integral to science, and science is fallible and corrigible." Id.