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The chief requirements of this polity are a genuine interest in the role of those parts that lack robust means of communication with us, and a willingness to acknowledge the superior, albeit always fallible and corrigible, knowledge of the scientists who claim some sort of expertise concerning the working of those parts.
None of these measures were employed when I was in school, and look what an in corrigible troublemaker I turned out to be.
Gifted observer though he may be, the flaneur's ultimate function is to interpret and, to a degree, obscure social relations--so that readers come away reassured that their city is a wondrous storehouse of incident and character, that indigent urban "types" such as beggars and street vendors are "amusing," and that poverty and misfortune are directly attributable to corrigible moral failings.
The corrigible were to be treated on a case by case basis; the incorrigible removed from the social milieu to which they had, by their criminal propensity, proved themselves incapable of adapting.
If he does not want to, let him not try to be God, but leave secret faults not corrigible by him according to justice, to the correction of God.
Human arrangements and institutions are corrigible because we are- not condemned either to an imperfect past or to an eternally returning present.
Finally, psychological events are corrigible, becoming more and more elaborate over the course of their development.
He argues that the two methods are not compatible, however, and that the result is an unfortunate series of bifurcations between "a succinct system of independent definitions and postulates" on the one hand and, on the other, corrigible distinctions arising from "experimental observational inquiry.
We believe you cannot adequately deconstruct the present without some conception, even if it is corrigible, as to where we want to go and how we might get there.
Admittedly, my intuitions about angels are corrigible.
We all, humanists and religious fundamentalists alike, are driven initially toward our beliefs by emotive engines--by emotors, to neologize--but humanism's beliefs are corrigible by experience precisely because they are based in science, whose always,tentative conclusions await the next test that may force revision or abandonment upon them.
Fuller and Sturgis thought this condition was a corrigible flaw of character and proceeded, unmercifully, in accordance with their belief; modern social historians tend to see it as a gender-specific effect of capitalist social structures; Cayton sees both these positions as right; Emerson himself, when not tumbled in doubt by his female friends, located the effect in the nature of things and related it, as Plato had, some years before the rise of capitalism, to the impersonality of the higher truths he loved.