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To support or enhance the believability of a fact or assertion by the presentation of additional information that confirms the truthfulness of the item.

The testimony of a witness is corroborated if subsequent evidence, such as a coroner's report or the testimony of other witnesses, substantiates it.

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v. to confirm and sometimes add substantiating (reinforcing) testimony to the testimony of another witness or a party in a trial. (See: corroborating evidence)

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His defense was corroborated by his wife Issa who testified that on the early morning of the alleged incident Matt was sleeping with her.
BEIRUT: A discovery from the latest round of excavations at a Sidon archaeological site has corroborated modern-day Lebanon's ties to Canaanite lineage, the head of the archaeological mission said Monday.
(182) Without advance notice and opportunity, any incorrect assumptions that the IJ makes regarding the availability of corroboration are likely to stand uncorrected, unless an applicant anticipates which parts of her claim the IJ expects to be corroborated and spontaneously offers an explanation for why she cannot reasonably obtain that corroboration.
Raymond McMenamin, of the Law Society of Scotland, said yesterday: "Removing the requirement for corroborated evidence could result in a contest between statements and bring increased risk of miscarriages of justice.
A DNA test from the two, who are supposed to be Princess Diana's third cousins, corroborated the claims of the lineage.
He further said that speculation is rife that banned militant outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba is training women to carry out militant operations in the Indian territory, however he stressed that such reports have not yet been corroborated by the Army.
The requirement that confessions be corroborated by independent
The new figure, corroborated by automotive advisory leader JATO, means Fiat is the only mainstream car brand to achieve the European average goal - of 130g/km by 2015 - five years early.
Jersey Deputy Police Chief Lenny Harper, who on Wednesday said they found one item that corroborated victims' stories, said on Thursday a second item also supported their claims.
Two other research groups corroborated the results.
Allen, and corroborated by a friend of mine who edited and rewrote some of Goines' oft-times incomplete and incoherent manuscripts at Holloway House.
After years of rumored publication, the appearance of Selections from the Journals of Myron Stout has at last corroborated critics' thoughts on the artist's work: The excerpted entries, dating from 1950 through 1966, perforce provide a picture of Stout ruminating on nature, in particular the dunes of the Cape, and on art history, from Giotto and Ucello to Mondrian and Hofmann, as he works as an artist by other means.