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Asked if the new witnesses would have new revelations apart from what the two self-proclaimed assassins had already testified in the Senate, Trillanes said, 'Meron bago and merong (There are new and there are) corroborating statements.
19) An IJ may still require an asylum seeker to provide corroborating evidence in order to sustain her burden of proof, despite finding the applicant's testimony credible, persuasive, and specific.
were corroborated where the two corroborating witnesses' testimony
The media continued this coverage despite a total lack of corroborating evidence.
The court held that there was no evidence concerning allegedly cold cell conditions, such as the date, outside temperature, or a corroborating statement by another prisoner.
The psychologists also found corroborating records for 15 of 35 alleged coercive acts (such as threats and bribery by the ring leader), 33 of 40 alleged preparatory acts (such as arranging of sex sessions), and 9 of 10 additional allegations (such as the ring leader directing sexual activity).
The fresh product conveys the password to the appealing utilization only after corroborating the user's individuality.
The person witnessing the entries must be sufficiently knowledgeable to understand what he is corroborating.
In actual court trials, oral testimonies are tested for weakness through cross-examination, and their strengths are reinforced with corroborating evidence.
After finding corroborating evidence for each of the alleged sexual assaults, the University of Pittsburgh scientist came across a peculiar memory realignment in two women.