corroborative statement

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at trial to have the friend's corroborative statement admitted as a
The Judge also found the evidence of the 7th and 8th prosecution witness as corroborative statements to that of the first defendant.
Mumbai Police maintain that they have telephone and e-mail intercepts of communication between Chotta Rajan and Vora, as also a few corroborative statements by fellow journalists, as incriminating evidence against her.
However, there were no substantive corroborative statements of this scenario.
A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin; Presenting the Original Facts and Documents upon Which the Story is Founded Together with Corroborative Statements Verifying the Truth of the Work Boston, Mass.: J.
Police have circumstantial evidence and corroborative statements from possible witnesses linking the four suspects to the case, a police source said.
The videos suggest using probing, assumptive, and corroborative statements to root out the problem.
All these observers independently prepared very detailed, corroborative statements describing reports of the following activities at different times in both the bedroom and the school: violent knocking sounds coming from the headboard of Virginia's bed while she was lying in it, the movement of a linen chest for a distance of about 18 inches before it returned to its original place, a "sawing" noise, a rippling motion of the bed covers and movement of the pillow, the raising of the desks of both Virginia and her teacher, and the movement of objects in the classroom.