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To support or enhance the believability of a fact or assertion by the presentation of additional information that confirms the truthfulness of the item.

The testimony of a witness is corroborated if subsequent evidence, such as a coroner's report or the testimony of other witnesses, substantiates it.

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v. to confirm and sometimes add substantiating (reinforcing) testimony to the testimony of another witness or a party in a trial. (See: corroborating evidence)

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The Scottish Government, which owns a 20% stake in BiFab, refused to confirm how discussions were progressing, but said: "All parties are currently working corroboratively in respect of the ongoing commercial discussions on the NnG project."
Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Roddy Irvine said "Working corroboratively allows a joint approach to identify people involved in such despicable crimes, who often target the most vulnerable members of our communities.
Corroboratively, in vitro and in vivo pharmacokinetic studies have shown that lansoprazole may also penetrate the BBB [29].
It added that it looked forward to "working corroboratively" with the billionaire's firm.
"I have met all the health boards to discuss how the Welsh NHS can improve its performance in this area and asked them to produce 100-day action plans aimed at improving local services and encouraging them to work corroboratively at a regional level.
And Ron Hogg, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Durham Constabulary, added: "In the face of austerity and the ongoing Government cuts to police budgets, it is vital that we look to work more corroboratively with other forces to continue to deliver excellent policing.
A spokesman for RCT council said: "Alongside other local authorities, the council corroboratively hosts these events in turn to support fundraising activities for each Mayor of the councils involved.
Holmes said the UO could avoid bias in the survey by inviting "experts external to the university working corroboratively with our staff."
"It is about keeping people around the table, talking and exchanging ideas, and how people can work corroboratively."
The secondary pupils involved in this course are working corroboratively with primary pupils to promote leadership skills; which provides real-life experiences for the sports leaders for when they leave school and enter into the workplace or higher education.
We need a system that works corroboratively not competitively."
He said: "It's true that we work corroboratively on a number of issues with Denbighshire.