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The eight versions of the transcript described either a strong alibi (neighbor corroborator and cable bill as physical evidence) or a weak alibi (brother corroborator and no physical evidence).
Tripp told Starr's grand jury she was taken aback when Isikoff came to her Pentagon office in late March 1997 and said Willey claimed she had been sexually harassed by the President and had named Tripp as a contemporaneous corroborator "who can verify everything she says.
While the court needs time to assess each case and move cautiously, the court must remember that with the passage of time, the child grows to be a staunch corroborator.
This leaves a lot of room for the corroborator to have an impact.
In a last-minute, late-night maneuver, Wright and her attorney say Biden offered the concept of a letter releasing her from the subpoena but putting her testimony and that of a corroborator in the official record.
MAY 2002] Primary corroborator of Curveball's claims that Iraq has mobile weapons labs is judged a liar and Chalabi plant by DIA.
Based on the testimonies extracted from alleged corroborators of the BKU attack, it is clear that what caused the terrorists to abandon their plans to attack other locations and choose BKU instead was the inaccessibility of those other target locations due to the increased presence of law-enforcement agencies and heightened security measures around them.