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That's because gold is nature's only metal that stays shiny underwater--it doesn't corrode, or break down.
Second, the BullDog restraint is safely encased within PVC pipe made by JMM and will not corrode like external metal joint restraints.
The device is revolutionary as it has a simple hammer fix and unlike metal products currently in use, will never corrode.
A bad seal on the antilock brake system can allow water to get in, corrode the wheel bearing and eventually cause the wheel to come off.
A ship sinks into the ocean and all its iron or steel parts begin to corrode, or rust.
Eliminating electrolysis and galvanic corrosion, the aluminum Translite material will not corrode aluminum parts as other dissimilar metals can, such as stainless steel.
If you leave the AN/UDR-13's four AAA batteries in the set when it's just going to sit for more than a week, it's very probable those batteries will leak and corrode.
The damp salt will corrode the mortar pointing to our brickwork and stonework.
Now they have the security of knowing their new copper pipes won't corrode - and their water quality will improve.
Microbes inhabiting this storage depot for test reactor fuel may prove a headache for nuclear waste managers, a new study finds, because the bacteria can corrode and crack the fuel's metal housings.
And baking soda, they claim, neutralizes the acids that corrode your teeth.
However, lead electrodes corrode, so increasing surface area by putting thinner lead electrodes in the battery increases corrosion and decreases battery life.