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These repairs will reinforce the corroded areas and are a preventive measure in response to the June 2010 in-depth inspection, said Duane Hill, state bridge engineer.
The specimen with the tension rebar corroded to 10% mass loss achieved an ultimate strength of 85% that of a un corroded specimen, and experienced a failure due to loss of bond, evidenced bond splitting longitudinal cracks.
Corroded lids sealed these vessels and prevented their contents from evaporating.
Around the same time, corroded batteries in a torch exploded while they were being inspected by security staff, the FBI said.
The accident occurred because the damaged pipe had been corroded by coolant water to a thickness of only 0.
Coventry City Council engineering assistant Davinder Chohan said joints fixing the pillar to the road had corroded.
In this accident, investigators learned the spoiler actuator was corroded, resulting in the inadvertent and unexpected extension of the spoiler.
If the cables are corroded, they may fracture when loads are applied to the tailgate, GM said.
I'm not certain what forces can stop our descent into the same kind of political and moral decadence that corroded Rome, and Lucas seems similarly pessimistic.
Mangels, Funk, and Koff conducted a year-long investigation into the Davis-Besse nuclear reactor in Oak Harbor, Ohio, which last month was found to be severely corroded, almost to the point of rupturing.
Corroded tank walls often can be repaired by adding properly designed reinforcing around the bottom of the wall, especially if the corrosion problem is addressed before the tank is excessively damaged.
Each year, corroded machinery, buildings and equipment cost American industry an estimated $7 billion.