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Elgarf, 1999, Flexural strength of Concrete beams with corroding reinforcement, ACI structural journal, pp 149-158.
By using current generating equipment, it is possible to reproduce a current equal in strength to the corroding current, but flowing in the opposite direction.
The bolts were found to be corroding after a lorry crash on the Park Circus exit slip road caused damage to the crash barrier.
Due to the patchy nature of the corrosion and the large area of the nests, samples that were collected from non-corroding metal were taken from an area of a nest without corrosion or from a nest on metal that did not contain corroding areas.
The still-fierce steel hardware has been subjected to a corroding chemical and the leather permeated with chalk dust, giving everything a blanched, slightly worn cast.
Sources of lead contamination include corroding pipes and solder.