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Elgarf, 1999, Flexural strength of Concrete beams with corroding reinforcement, ACI structural journal, pp 149-158.
Primers and finished coatings protect metal surfaces by providing a barrier between the steel and the corroding elements.
This coating not only prevents metal leaching into household water, it also prevents the major cause of water damage and mold formation in homes today - pinhole leaks in corroding copper piping.
In previous attempts to make tiny valve-like mechanisms, other groups have fabricated sealed nanopores that can subsequently be unsealed by, for instance, corroding away overlying metal films.
The Wallaces' pipes haven't sprung leaks, but they took their share of the settlement and replumbed before corroding pipes ruptured and ruined walls, carpeting or furniture.
What one should look for in his work is the simultaneous narrative: the eye that disciplines the inherent shape of time corroding things, just as it corrodes the memory of fathers who do not speak, the memory of ourselves, faces on the screen, sculptures disappearing right before our eyes.
The electrodes are coupled together by connecting each to a common joint through independent small resistors, with each electrode simulating part of a corroding metal.
In 1992, three corroding bombs which officials feared contained poison gas were unearthed on a newly graded section of a bombing range.