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The resistance of the corrosion sensors can be adjusted by changing the composition and thickness of their metal content.
The deployment of multiple sensors with different levels of corrosion resistance allows the degree of corrosion to be detected in stages, helping to prevent equipment failure.
M-120 also has the flexibility to provide an added level of corrosion protection for cases where solvent-based systems are still preferred.
Corrosion can take many forms, most of which are thought of as gradual processes.
A common type of gradual corrosion is oxidation, also known as atmospheric corrosion.
Building on the study's findings, the NACE International Institute (NII), an affiliation of NACE International focused on helping companies improve their performance with corrosion management systems and certification of personnel, started development of a platform to benchmark practices and improve corrosion management across all industry sectors.
"The Corrosion Conference series has been expanding steadily since its establishment to become one of the world's leading conferences and exhibitions.
"The 2004 worldwide direct cost of corrosion, representing costs experienced by owners and operators of manufactured equipment and systems was estimated to be $900 billion US dollars per annum or 2% of the world GDP.
Rise in usage of corrosion resistant materials in automotive, power, healthcare, chemical, oil and gas, and construction industries is anticipated to boost the global corrosion resistant plastics market.
Various methods have been applied to prevent inhibit corrosion. These methods typically include: Use of alloys in place of pure metal, improvement of metal plating (organic or inorganic), improvement of metal design (avoiding excessive stress, minimizing indentation), electrochemical protection (anodic protection, reduced temperature, reduced speed liquid, removing oxygen from the environment, reduced the concentration of the solution, use of corrosion inhibitors) etc.
The effect of different inhibitor concentrations, Cl[O.sub.2] concentrations, and pH values on the corrosion inhibition efficiency of the corrosion inhibitors on carbon steel in circulating cooling water with a low concentration of Cl[O.sub.2] and zinc ion solution was studied by using the weight loss method.
Scanning vibrating electrode technique (SVET) [8, 9] is to study the corrosion resistance of samples by detecting the local corrosion potential (current) information of samples without touching the surface of the sample.