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Total has says the leak was caused by a corrosive reaction between calcium bromide used to complete the well and grease in the pipework, which under high pressure cracked the piping.
There have been cases of costly transformer failures around the world due to corrosive sulphur compounds contained in the transformer oils, prompting ABB and other parties to investigate the causes, and to develop the techniques and expertise required to remove the corrosive sulphur.
The acid, along with other corrosive substances, is poured into empty bingomarker style pens, usually wrapped in maHELEN RAE sking tape.
Under the safe harbor, a taxpayer who does not have a pending claim for reimbursement of damages and does not intend to pursue reimbursement may claim a loss of all unreimbursed amounts paid during the tax year to repair damage from corrosive drywall to the taxpayer's personal residence and household appliances.
A fluoroelastomer sealing compound, specifically formulated to withstand the heat and corrosive effects of high temperature steam applications, has been developed by this rubber products manufacturer.
A feature of the design is that when only one side of the exchanger is subject to corrosive conditions, the two exchanger elements can be fabricated from different materials.
The model BS-2750 is a high-performance submersible pump designed for corrosive liquid pumping.
Phenolic inserts are said to beat metal for durability in hostile, corrosive environments.
Bottles of corrosive hydrochloric acid were tossed into a bin at District 1 headquarters, along with other chemicals from leftover science kits.
With its no moving part, thermal mass flow sensor and wetted materials design available in either CPVC/Hastelloy C-22 or 316 stainless steel/Hastelloy C-22 combinations, the M180 Flow Switch is ideal for OEM flow switch solution for equipment flowing, dispensing or measuring corrosive fluids such as Chlorine.
KENI FINE is an alloy plating technology that has corrosive resistance to freshwater and superior antibacterial/antifungal/antivirus performance compared to the existing antibacterial coating and stainless steel products.
In 1990, when the EPA was told by Congress to control the lead in drinking water, the agency wanted to identify those utilities with the most corrosive water," he recalls.