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By invoking irony in relation to aesthetics and politics, recall Paul de Man's provocative assertion that "nothing can overcome the resistance to theory since theory is itself this resistance" (Paul de Man, "The Resistance to Theory," in The Resistance to Theory [Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1996], 19) and to de Man's corrosively ironic essay "The Concept of Irony" in the posthumously published Aesthetic Ideology (de Man, "The Concept of Irony," in Aesthetic Ideology, ed.
More corrosively, football is a game that has had all the last vestiges of competition smashed by the weight of Champions League cash and has become a big money procession of inevitability.
Not only did the marquis achieve a great deal of success, thus rendering problematic his fictional representation as Consalvo, but De Roberto came to a cautious endorsement of the nationalistic ideologies he had so corrosively critiqued in I vicere.
30) In this view, the Declaration represents a corrosively anti-authoritarian philosophy of rationalism, which threatens social stratification and tradition and therefore inevitably leads to the sexual revolution, abortion, recreational drug use, secularism, the welfare state, and other modern ills.
As I have noted already, this vocabulary is not cynical or corrosively critical, nor does it engage in a wholesale debunking characteristic of certain types of ideological suspicion.
And it infests the body politic so corrosively that we can no longer believe a word that Blair says.
Jon Butler has reinforced Bonomi's interpretation; if anything, he has tarnished the theory of a colonial "Golden Age of Christianity" more vehemently and argued against the pervasiveness of Christian cultural forms more corrosively, reducing the magnitude of God's Kingdom in the colonies to that of a satrap.
Most Country Music may not have the emotional sophistication of a Campion or a Hardy, or most Rap the corrosively accurate fury of a Swift or a Rochester, but Rome wasn't built in a day and they are recognizably doing the kinds of things that Hardy and Swift were doing, and they speak to very large numbers of people for that reason, just as Hardy and Swift have done.
Whatever the consequences of this war, when it is finally over - and none of us can even begin to guess the domino effect on the volatility of the Middle East - Western politicians must rethink their cynical and corrosively short-term policies that have led to this terrible conflict.