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So formerly successful policies turned corrosively inflationary.
These divisions are corrosively ironic in that they open up frames that double back on the film's audiences.
It is a gritty work that concentrates on the gangland culture that has corrosively polluted the neighbourhoods in which some of the pupils live.
Posse's representation of Isabel's political program, which derisively lumps together pederasts--men who sodomize or otherwise sexually abuse young boys--with Jews (the slur understood by "moneylenders") and proto-Communists, echoes perhaps too corrosively the political program of the real Isabel.
The resulting beverage could be anything from a magnificent deep clear Indian ruby red velvety and intoxicating beverage, to a muddy, harsh, corrosively bitter brew depending upon the value of the beans used, the quantity of the re-pour and the skill of the coffee steward (it was almost always a man's job in that generation).
Martin McDonagh's corrosively comic (and tragic) play about an aging Irish spinster and the manipulative mother to whom she's tied opens the Banyan Theater Company summer season, June 25 through July 12 at the Cook Theatre.
In the presentation of Titian's stunning portrait of a well fed and handsomely robed Aretino (painted at the request of Cosimo I) we are given quotes from the letter Aretino himself wrote about it to Paolo Giovio, but are only more fleetingly informed of the satirical verses by Aretino's insidious enemy, Niccolo Franco, who wrote eleven corrosively satirical sonnets dedicated to this portrait.
That 1962 over-the-top camp classic starred Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as aging sisters in a corrosively manipulative relationship as they usurp each other's powers, replete with alcoholism and hideous applications of makeup.
currently mainstream academic approach corrosively colluded with my
Yasuo Fukuda, 71, a long-time salary man in the oil industry before serving as cabinet chief under two prime ministers, has taken over from resigning Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the relatively youthful (at 53) but corrosively unpopular prime minister who left his party in perhaps its worst political mess since World War II, when he abruptly announced his desire to quit 11 days ago and checked into a hospital for stress-related stomach trouble.
Surface composition and morphology, therefore, greatly affect the ability of metal to remain passive or to become corrosively active.