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By raising civil service salaries and establishing strong anticorruption bodies such as Singapore's Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, governments are able to make a dent in corruptive practices.
Corrupt employees must frequently intercede to resolve problems for the vendor, such as demanding that payments be expedited or requesting that substandard work be accepted.
Corrupt police officers are not natural-born criminals, nor morally wicked men, constitutionally different from their honest colleagues.
He argued that political imbalances led to corrupt laws which impoverished the people:
Limits on campaign contributions are founded on the principle that money should not be allowed to corrupt elections.
Corrupt officials, interested in lining their pockets, care little about the programs they administer and the plight of citizens denied basic services.
A federal grand jury in Georgia subsequently indicted Lockheed and two of its officers for conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, even though there was no factual allegation that the parliament member had taken a single step to misuse her official position on Lockheed's behalf.
32million to Chief Secretary Aurangzeb Haque which the NAB provincial bureau had recovered as embezzled money from various provincial departments in the last few months, Mangi said the corrupt elements had nothing to do with politics, government and government employment as like terrorists had no religion.
We assure people of Pakistan that Pakistan Tehreek Insaf will go to last extent to apprehend the corrupt people and solve the pertinent problems of people of Pakistan' he said.
Sarwar said that the people of Pakistan wanted the eradication, apprehension and accountability of all corrupt people who belonged to different political parties to make this country great and prosperous.
We, the diehard workers own this party and not corrupt and immoral Imran Niazi.