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Here the old value of the affected area or block can be saved in case the new block(s) are corrupted or to permit a fuzzy data image that can be used for a non-disruptive backup.
For decades, Los Angeles politics has been corrupted by special interests' feasting at the public trough.
Unlike a string of tragic heroes corrupted by the ring's allure--Isildur, Saruman, Boromir, and Denethor--the Shire hobbits want neither power nor renown.
The program examines the corrupted database, and repairs the tables, queries, and relationships.
It's politics that have corrupted the city's contracting purposes to the point that the Los Angeles district attorney and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are probing the contracting process in the city's proprietary departments - Airport, Harbor and Water and Power.
While you will doubtless be able to eventually restore corrupted data from tape or disk arrays, you may find that the recovery process takes too long.
The desire for it has corrupted Gandalf's onetime friend, the wizard Saruman the White, and caused him to ally himself with Sauron, hoping to seize the ring first and with it overthrow the Dark Lord and take his place.
As the corrupted title senator whose crisis of conscience goes hand-in-hand with a truth-telling nervous breakdown, Beatty cuts a marvelously poignant ridiculous figure.