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We are determined to deal with both the corrupters and the corruptees," Sir Paul said.
Starting with Funnies on Parade in 1933, basically a stapling together of strips from the Sunday papers, it proceeded through the rise of superheroes in the late 1930s; jingoistic patriotism during World War II; postwar condemnation as corrupters of American youth; the return of superheroes, albeit many with neurotic character flaws, and the advent of "underground" comics in the 1960s; stardom in the movies and on television throughout the 1970s and 1980s; and their acceptance as an art form in illustrated novel format today.
Indonesia-scam aside, Republicans will be loath to look like shills for corporate corrupters if Clinton takes the issue center stage.
In El futbol a sol y sombra corporate interests, the great corrupters of the sport, are also the corrupters of the human will, particularly in individuals whose expectations have been aroused by the advent of industrialized nations' exports of consumer culture and seductive (yet false) images of instant prosperity.
He notes that there are five failure mechanisms: the instant ones of heat and hard water and the progressive ones of oxidative and reactive agents, tramp oil, and biological corrupters.
They attack women and children as opposed to S&L thieves, as opposed to the campaign-finance corrupters.
She's so busy attempting to prove that the icons of modern rock are at the same time talentless plagiarists from and ruinous corrupters of the Afro-American tradition that she ignores the fact that it is their individual songs that, in the end, make them so beloved, not their "sound" or image.
It is this way of thinking that leads Gossman into one of his most intriguing chapters, "The Figaros of Literature," a chapter that turns on the difficulties of justifying the teaching of literature and suggests that those in the profession may all too easily be seen as "the middlemen, the procurers and even the corrupters of literature" as they set about making literature relevant to their students, thereby placing past literature "in the service of the present" (61).
He was entirely indifferent to money and fame, those corrupters of so many American writers, and absolutely untouched by the desire to curry favor through his writing.
He also threw into jail some suspect major corrupters, but only from the opposition.