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Wilson zestfully reports on scandals, outcries, high-profile food corrupters, and crusaders (some themselves dealt in less detectable adulterants), recording the ever-lagging legislation that brought some safety to much of the basic food supply.
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore assured the return of assets of Indonesian corrupters in his country to Indonesia.
It seems to have borrowed a leaf out of African Business' campaign to punish the corrupters in the West as well as the corrupted in Africa.
By rooting out the criminals and corrupters of the game, Landis and other supporters of baseball could argue for its continued honesty.
Silicon Jack argues, correctly, that Washington should call the corrupters in Latin America to the carpet ("Democracy's Weakest Pillar," November 2002).
What is most striking for Rutherford, however, is that as soon as One Nation supporters mobilise their ethic of neighbourliness, it manifests itself as aggression towards the Other--Aborigines, intellectuals, professionals and 'urban elites'--who are viewed as corrupters of the Good.
Drug traffickers are equal-opportunity corrupters: they try to work with anyone who will to advance their interests.
In addition to offering a look into Goltz's personal experiences, this book provides a picture of Azerbaijan as "doubly cursed with the two greatest corrupters known to modern man: war and oil." Despite Azerbaijan's potential to become the "Kuwait of the Caucasus," Azerbaijan's plentiful supply of both war and oil support Goltz's position that creating and sustaining prosperity through oil has been and will continue to be highly problematic for Azerbaijan.
"We are determined to deal with both the corrupters and the corruptees," Sir Paul said.
Starting with Funnies on Parade in 1933, basically a stapling together of strips from the Sunday papers, it proceeded through the rise of superheroes in the late 1930s; jingoistic patriotism during World War II; postwar condemnation as corrupters of American youth; the return of superheroes, albeit many with neurotic character flaws, and the advent of "underground" comics in the 1960s; stardom in the movies and on television throughout the 1970s and 1980s; and their acceptance as an art form in illustrated novel format today.
Indonesia-scam aside, Republicans will be loath to look like shills for corporate corrupters if Clinton takes the issue center stage.