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He was entirely indifferent to money and fame, those corrupters of so many American writers, and absolutely untouched by the desire to curry favor through his writing.
Thumb drive corrupters, password stealers and web threats
He also threw into jail some suspect major corrupters, but only from the opposition.
For an oppressed and vacuous society steeped in corruption and decadence, patience as defined above will become the biggest tool and pattern for oppressors and corrupters for maintaining the status quo, by keeping the society in a state of backwardness.
Aleppo, SANA-Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal affirmed the need for overcoming obstacles in front of industrialists, punish corrupters and seek a solution to all problems which hinder serious work.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki called for an international consensus on the fight against corruption and the corrupters .
The thing that reinforces the administrative flabbiness is the fear of many officials to confront corruption and corrupters.
This government is just a bunch of hooligans and corrupters.
Betting on cricket in the legal and illegal markets continues to grow rapidly and, with many, many millions of dollars being bet on every match, the threat of corrupters seeking to influence the game has not gone away," the spokesman added.
When asked where Pakistan had gone wrong in this incident, Mani said: "The primary responsibility was that of the PCB to ensure that the players properly understand how they could be corrupted; what to look out for; what to do if they were approached with a proposition which required them to do something on the field of play; have the confidence in the team management to report any approach promptly and understand the consequence of getting involved with corrupters.
He also confirmed that the Judicial Authority has judges and members of public prosecution who have been trained and qualified at the highest levels to achieve promising goals in judging corrupters.
This partnership will allow us to help educate players on responsible gambling, as well as protect players from would-be corrupters, who can only access sport if they can find a way to get to participants.