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In the case where there are corrupt bureaucrats, it implies that one can observe some rate of rent extraction, [sigma], which reflects the extent of corruption in the society and corruptibility of the individual bureaucrat.
Freshman Quarterback immediately follows Dugout Jinx in the Hilton series and, in this book Bee turns his attention to reforming the problems in intercollegiate athletics that he feels helped create a culture of easy corruptibility.
It does an excellent job of showcasing oil paint's role as a substitute flesh in a simulacrum of decay, corrosion, and corruptibility.
What is particularly interesting, however, is just how much his disavowal of divine anger depends on his understanding of human anger as leading to vice, corruptibility, and violent harm.
After all, is it not this sense of placid cronyism and political corruptibility that hinder progress and oppress people?
The key problem for republicanism and republican democracy is the corruptibility of representatives.
In addition, Spanish-speaking employees may tend to take a more cynical view of the corruptibility of government inspectors and not realize that, in the United States, heavy fines are often imposed on employers for noncompliance with the law.
The message of many of these texts centers on the inevitable corruptibility of power, making a clear connection between wealth and corruption: moral integrity cannot coexist with power and wealth.
A striking example of such a distinction is the differing corruptibility of people living in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Contents Preface Introduction 1 The Corruptibility of Corruption (William C.
The parochialism, corruptibility and ingrained authoritarianism of the union officialdom have been shown time and time again, and only a bottom-up, rank-and-file approach to union work can seriously aid environmental protection and wider social change.
18) The novel, with its dissection of the corruptibility of the human spirit via abstract commercialism, serves as a manifesto to both Sam and Helen to create a life where, as he says, "I won't be hampered by dead men's laws and dead men's creeds" (27).