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CORRUPTION. An act done with an intent to give some advantage inconsistent with official duty and the rights of others. It includes bribery, but is more comprehensive; because an act may be corruptly done, though the advantage to be derived from it be not offered by another. Merl. Rep. h.t.
     2. By corruption, sometimes, is understood something against law; as, a contract by which the borrower agreed to pay the lender usurious interest. It is said, in such case, that it was corruptly agreed, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Work on the document began with a two-day gathering of a working group in Banja Luka, in addition to representatives of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption and Coordination of the Fight against Corruption (APIK), which is responsible for drafting the new Strategy, representatives of anti-corruption bodies at other levels, non-governmental organizations and experts.
A nationally representative sample of men and women from urban areas across the four provinces was asked, "Suppose if the laws in the country are made according to Sharia, in your opinion would there be more corruption, some corruption, very little corruption or no corruption at all left in Pakistan?" In response, 5% said there would be a lot of corruption still prevailing, 16% believed there would be some corruption left, 10% thought there would be no change in corruption, 26% said there would be very little corruption left and 40% believed that there would be no corruption left in Pakistan at all.
Awards, as a form of incentive, are an important strategy that can be used in the fight against corruption. An Award is a very vital tool in both the public and private sector because of its effect on human behavior-it can boost an individual's esteem, identity, status, and reputation.
To this end, he said the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) in conjunction with the Ministry of Basic Education (MoBE) infused anti-corruption topics into the syllabi of both primary and junior secondary schools.
THOMAS Jefferson, a former president of the United States of America said: 'If I were to choose between a government without newspapers and a newspaper without government, I wouldn't hesitate to choose the latter.' According to a World Bank abstract on the media's role in curbing corruption, 'the role of media is critical in promoting good governance and controlling corruption.'
LAHORE -- Corruption, negligence from duty and misuse of powers not acceptable, officers of Anti Corruption Establishment should adopt zero tolerance policy against corrupt elements without allowing any type of compromises in investigation.
In pre-democratic societies, where power rested on lineage and birth, corruption was not a salient issue because the actions of the rulers are perceived to be legitimate.
We commend the President of the Republic of Kenya for his unequivocal message to end corruption.The decision to replace the existing Sh1000 note is an important step forward.
As I write this critique to the ongoing narrative that corruption is being fought to weaken the Kalenjin community and Deputy President William Ruto, it will probably be said that my name betrays me and my argument is worthless.
In this regard, the anti-corruption department has issued circulars to all provincial departments to form interdepartmental corruption cells/anti-corruption committees to ensure transparency.
FAISALABAD -- An awareness seminar on corruption free society was held at local hotel with the joint collaboration of Punjab Cooperative Department and National Accountability Bureau (NAB).