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Once again, war is seen at the great corruptor and not society itself.
While corruption, the author believes, can be countered by transparency, he is also an enthusiastic supporter of the OECD's move to make the corruptor company subject to legal penalties.
14) In a sense, it was seen as "good" not only for the corruptee but for the corruptor as well, because, first, it was voluntary and, second, it smoothed the "squeaky wheels" of the slow-moving feudal machine that was Russia.
The British actor returns as Lord Henry Wotton, the corruptor of Dorian Gray (Ben Barnes).
Thus she reveals herself as opposed to the corruptor whose house is the way to the netherworld (v.
If I corrupted the law, perhaps that would make me a corruptor of the young after all.
El gesto de destruccion de parte de Dominici, una vez que constata con amargura que ha sido vencido otra vez por el poder corruptor del dinero y los intereses a corto plazo de los campesinos, subraya en nuestra opinion los peligros de convertir la utopia en dogma, es decir, negarse a que la utopia sea justamente eso: "un imposible que orienta y permite aprehender lo posible" (Hopenhayn 1995, 270).
It is this disappointment with a famous native son that, to an extent, informs Kiely's sketches of his corruptor, the editor of The Christian Examiner.
waiting for the next picture which the mentor, the corruptor, intended for it" (88).
With the global interest in the Hong Kong action genre, he was lured to the US and appeared in The Replacement Killers with Mira Sorvino, The Corruptor with Mark Wahlberg and Anna and the King.
The presence of corruption is often a manifestation of a lack of respect on the part of both the corruptor and the corrupted for the rules that govern their interaction, thus represents a failure of governance.
In answering the charge that he is a corruptor of youth, Socrates asks Meletus, who makes young men better?