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Compared to urban residents, the OR (95% CI) for rural participants' risk of cortical cataract, nuclear cataract, and PSC were 0.
This classification included: 482 patients out of the 2,056 with cortical cataracts (23.
To determine if these medications also affect the association of sun exposure to cortical cataract, Barbara E.
Cataracts were graded at slit lamp with respect to Nuclear Opalescence (NO standards are 1 to 6), Nuclear Color (NC standards are1 to 6), Cortical cataract (C standards are 1-6), and Posterior cataract (P standards are 1 to 5).
They stated that increasing serum glucose was related to a higher risk of incident cortical cataract.
PLF is responsible for the typically nasal location of pterygia, and as the crystalline lens and eyelid margin are also affected, is implicated in the development of early cortical cataract and eyelid skin malignancies on the nasal side.
Delayed treatment of senile cortical cataract leading to lens-induced glaucoma which compromises the function of the optic nerve due to rise of intraocular pressure remains as an important cause of irreversible loss of vision, especially so in the rural population.
14) Smoking is also associated with posterior subscapsular cataract and cortical cataract, although the relationships are not as strong.
Type of Cataract: Two patients had dense posterior sub capsular cataract, two patients had immature cortical cataract, and one patient had grade four nuclear cataracts.
It varies from 5-6 mm for cortical cataract, and from 6-7 mm for nuclear sclerotic grade IV cataract.
Early markers include: supranuclear cortical cataract, coma aberration, retinal nerve fibre layer thinning and drusen, especially when present in younger patients--perhaps something we should look more carefully for in our 50+ year old patients?