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TABLE 2 Cumulative Incidence in Right Eyes and Multivariable-Adjusted Odds Ratio of All Eyes for Cataract Type by Residential Location Right Eye Only All Eligible Eyes Cataract At Risk (n) Cumulative Adjusted (b) Type Incidence OR (c) (%) (a) Cortical cataract Urban 1985 20.
Cortical cataracts are wedge shaped opacities found in the anterior and/or posterior lens cortex.
The researchers say that women who took daily vitamin C supplements for ten years or more had a 60 percent lower risk of developing cortical cataracts than those who did not take daily doses of the antioxidant.
Investigators found a clear association between the degree of ultraviolet exposure and the risk of cortical cataracts.
Those findings support a role for vitamin C in reducing the risk of cortical cataracts in women younger than 60.
In addition, women less than 60 years old who consumed large amounts of vitamin C were about 57% less likely to develop cortical cataracts, which affect the central outer part of the lens.