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Variety praises the movie's visuals as "a coruscating explosion of pop-culture eye candy" with "entrancingly cool" creature cameos.
These recordings of Prokofiev's first concerto and Ravel's (for the left hand) were award winners and rightly so - brilliantly played (a coruscating Prokofiev finale) with world class support from Rattle and the LSO.
With this coruscating piece, Buckley effectively wrote the two men out of the mainstream conservative movement, in the same way that he had exiled the John Birch Society three decades earlier.
Former LibDem leader Sir Menzies Campbell said: "He was an outstanding parliamentarian with a coruscating wit.
That's more or less what will transpire when Elements Theatre Company--the resident stage company at the Community of Jesus, an ecumenical monastic outpost on Cape Cod--presents French playwright Yasmina Reza's Tony-winning play God of Carnage, a coruscating comedy of bad manners featuring projectile vomiting, profanity and wanton cellphone destruction.
The opening exchanges of an Ashes series usually produce high drama - be it Slater's coruscating first-ball boundary in 1994, Harmison's booming wide in 2006, the brutal thunderbolt which bloodied Ricky Ponting in 2005 or that hat-trick by Siddle three years ago.
If Bale stars again, we can look forward to Lawro hailing him as a coruscating, effulgent, incandescent, lambent and luminous talent with a left foot that is not only adroit and dexterous but also efficacious, puissant and unyielding.
Leadbeater, a clairvoyant, claimed to be able to see the chakras on the etheric plane where a "double" of each person exists: "When awakened and vivified they are seen as blazing coruscating whirlpools much increased in size and resembling miniature suns.
What an ignominious end to a life devoted to astounding visual and musical theatre encased in and coruscating with the pure genius of Michael Jackson.
In a coruscating attack, he denounced Salmond and his ministerial team for being out of touch with electors and suggested they should "get out more" if they are going to strike against Labour.
Farocki disentangles the political and martial origins of archival footage, while Graham's film installations--including the awesome 35-mm projectors of Loudhailer and Rheinmetall/Victoria 8, both 2003, and the exposed calligraphic cascades of the looping system of Coruscating Cinnamon Granules, 1996--enmesh their images in material presence.
Through the manipulation of geometries and coruscating colour, the temporary gallery is transformed into a surreal, dynamic environment.