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The newspapers and magazines that fed the American mind--for books upon this impatient continent had become simply material for the energy of collectors--were instantly a coruscation of war pictures and of headlines that rose like rockets and burst like shells.
We also heard Walton-like fanfaring and Tippettian coruscations, and later, huge Romantic-style chords.
He was travelling in a canoe in the English River, and had landed near the Kettle Fall, when the coruscations of the Aurora Borealis were so vivid and low, that the Canadians [voyageurs] fell on their faces, and began praying and crying, fearing they should be killed; he himself threw away his gun and knife that they might not attract the flashes, for they were within two feet of the earth, flitting along with incredible swiftness, and moving parallel to its surface.
Hay shows how the havoc and coruscations accompanying the two great writers were enabled by others whose lives are equally important.
Despite Kant's initial obscurity, Carlyle maintains, "among the shapeless immensities which fill the Night of Kantism, and the meteoric coruscations, which perplex him rather than enlighten, (the reader) will fancy he descries some streaks of a serener radiance, which he will pray devoutly that time may purify and ripen into perfect day" (179).
I know what an artist can glean from the endless dialogue of the sun and the ocean; I know the meaning of the play of shadows around the funeral pyres, the ashes floating down the Ganges by night in the blue and red coruscations of its waters.