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A total of 577,000 cosmetic operations and treatments were carried out in Britain this year, of which 472,000 were non-surgical.
According to figures from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, an average of 25,000 cosmetic operations are carried out in the UK every year.
Q I WATCHED a TV documentary recently showing cosmetic operations in America for height and toe reduction.
Beautiful blonde Deborah, 26, spent a staggering pounds 22,000 on FIVE cosmetic operations in her quest for the perfect bust.
Liposuction can be performed on any part of the body where there is fat and under the chin is a very common area - it is now one of the most common cosmetic operations in the United States.
For the make-up artist to the stars has spent nearly pounds 65,000 on TWENTY- TWO cosmetic operations in 11 years to give him the perfect look.
Doctors performing purely cosmetic operations must register for VAT and pass the charge on to patients in a move which will boost public finances by an estimated pounds 500million a year.
Last night a leading consultant condemned the practice of travelling abroad for unlicensed cosmetic operations.
A mass of surgery scars was also apparently spotted due to at least 13 cosmetic operations, while investigating the icon's shock death in Los Angeles on June 25.
In 2005, 2,440 men had cosmetic operations, which involved breast reduction, nose jobs, ear corrections and hair implants, compared with 1,092 in 2004.
The trips, focusing on South Africa where cosmetic operations are much cheaper than in the UK, are being offered by online travel company ebookers.