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164) A surgical candidate who attributes a sense of emotional or physical isolation from others to a relatively imperceptible physical flaw will frequently require referral to a mental health professional before any cosmetic operation is performed.
In an effort to spruce up its image, the Charest government is undergoing a vast cosmetic operation to explain its policies to people through regional forums.
The Polymel has been incorporated on a cosmetic operation and totally eliminates the dust in the atmosphere, using a lance on a flexible hose to extract both powders and liquids from 45 gallon and 1 tonne containers.
BIG Brother star Pete Burns will receive a pay-out for a botched cosmetic operation that left him feeling suicidal.
We are bound by law to operate, whereas plastic surgery is not a necessity and a cosmetic operation could, in fact, do themmore harm than good.
1 cosmetic operation in the country - is safe, says Grazer, past president of both the California Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
The cosmetic operation would cost about 3,000 pounds and could be available in countries outside America within 18 months, said Dr Homer, a former entertainment lawyer.
For someone who is genuinely unhappy with the way they look - for example an individual with prominent ears who was perhaps teased at school - then a cosmetic operation can really make a difference.
The cosmetic operation is becoming so commonplace that even high street store Boots is offering the surgery.
Linda Anderson, who runs the UK's only Moebius Syndrome support group, said: "It's a purely cosmetic operation but there are children who have had it done on the NHS and it can improve their quality of life.