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COSMOPOLITE. A citizen of the world; one who has no fixed. residence. Vide Citizen.

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Diferencias sexuales en la morfologia externa de Cosmopolites sordidus Germar (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).
However, being voluntary migrants, academic cosmopolites necessarily conform to the local pressures with less resistance and friction.
As cosmopolites, as citizens of the world, and as writers and readers, we must constantly strike a balance between the experience of origin and the experience of repetition.
54) Derrida, Cosmopolites, supra note 48 at 53: everything that is "erected, constructed, or what sets itself up above the soil: habitat, culture institution, State, etc.
Not only cosmopolites of "African blood" have the potential to transform the modern world (ostensibly, the taxi driver in "Ann Leigh" is a white man).
Indeed, the cartoonish living-dead figures in his art could even be a mutant strain of the Levi's cosmopolites.
Mais sa culture, Montreal la vit au quotidien, avec ses quartiers hautement cosmopolites, sa cohabitation pacifique et creative de differentes cultures venues des quatre coins du monde, ses commerces, ses activites dans chacune des maisons de la culture.
Writing in the August Chronicles, the Foreign Broadcast Information Service's Wayne Allensworth says the Kadets and their allies in the Christian Democratic Party see themselves as "traditionalists who fear, among other things, the secular Westernizing of Russia by the youthful cosmopolites of Yeltsin's 'team' and the concomitant loss of what remains of Russia's national identity.
In the gay community you meet a lot of the deracinated cosmopolites who populate conservative caricatures of the city (a role once played primarily by Jews).
Koppenhofer (1993) observed that females of the banana weevil, Cosmopolites sordidus Germar, laid an average of 2.
Doopeyduk remains the duppy until a final involvement with a Nazarene artistic fraud finds him performing in an Uncle Tom show, being pelted with baseballs for the entertainment of white cosmopolites.
Goe then, you godlesse Heliogabolites, You carnall Worldlings, proud Cosmopolites, Goe please your selues in swearing, feasting, fighting, And not what's lust, but what's your Lust delight in.