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COSMOPOLITE. A citizen of the world; one who has no fixed. residence. Vide Citizen.

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Why," said I, bewildered, "that man is a citizen of the world--a cosmopolite.
Mais sa culture, Montreal la vit au quotidien, avec ses quartiers hautement cosmopolites, sa cohabitation pacifique et creative de differentes cultures venues des quatre coins du monde, ses commerces, ses activites dans chacune des maisons de la culture.
Writing in the August Chronicles, the Foreign Broadcast Information Service's Wayne Allensworth says the Kadets and their allies in the Christian Democratic Party see themselves as "traditionalists who fear, among other things, the secular Westernizing of Russia by the youthful cosmopolites of Yeltsin's 'team' and the concomitant loss of what remains of Russia's national identity.
2006), a cobertura morta pode atuar como refugio para pragas contribuindo para a multiplicacao de Cosmopolites sordidus e de outros insetos de importancia secundaria para a cultura, como Metamasius spp.
Cosmopolites sordidus (Germar) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), a broca-do-rizoma, e a praga mais importante da bananeira, encontrando-se amplamente distribuida por todo o mundo (GOLD et al.
In the gay community you meet a lot of the deracinated cosmopolites who populate conservative caricatures of the city (a role once played primarily by Jews).
El picudo negro, Cosmopolites sordidus (Germar), es la principal plaga de los cultivos de platano y banano en el mundo; se dispersa por semilla infestada (Grisales y Lescot, 1999), ocasiona reducciones del 25% y 90% en los rendimientos (Castrillon, 2007).
Goe then, you godlesse Heliogabolites, You carnall Worldlings, proud Cosmopolites, Goe please your selues in swearing, feasting, fighting, And not what's lust, but what's your Lust delight in.
Mediante microscopia optica se estudio el tracto digestivo en imagos de Cosmopolites sordidus Germar, Metamasius hemipterus sericeus L.
They grow up through solidarity and director Kim tells the tale of these girls becoming cosmopolites who can raise their voice in a composed tone, through his alter ego Jae-yeop in the play, acted by Jung Won-jo.
Neanmoins, ils ne deploient pas des modes d'appropriation cosmopolites et privilegient les versions doublees des films et des series plutot que les versions originales.
With this new creation, my goal is to provide a new destination for multiple cosmopolites who crave for change and remarkable experience.